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I made a comment about fatherless homes.....................


Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2017
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Adding to myself...

An example of co-opted Red Pill are the couple of Red Pill Subreddits on Reddit. They really should be titled "Sociopaths Gone Wild". The facts of Red Pill are attractive to people like that and draw them like moths to a flame. The facts are easy to bend to support their mentalities. They seem to have taken over.

There is a Red Pill sub called Red Pill Christians. It is not as bad as the others but it is still messed up in it's own way. They are obsessed with "Lift!" (Going to the gym). It is the "pat answer" for every question there. It reminds me of that animated dog on the animated movie "Up" with the house floating in the air with balloons. The talking dog would be in mid sentence about something and suddenly say "Squirrel!!"jerk it head to the side and stare into the distance for a few seconds,...then go back to the conversation where he left off as if nothing happened. Just replace Squirrel with Lift.
After Kevin Samuels blew up, the dogs out if the bag. The formula is there. F&f is it in Real time live. I don't disagree with the content.

most of red pill reminds me of Tai Lopez with a super car RENTED in his garage as he parrots someone else's content. everyone pedaling some trash program. Who actually gets girls? I think I can name under a handful.

it is the new up sell. I'm thinking it's ideal versus the brain washing machine of marriage and playing house. Again most of the red pill is married or in secret. Many will trash marriage yet are playing house. Very disingenuous.

Men need to vet their gurus. At gunpoint a lot of these guys won't approach. Can't pull.