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Master Don Juan
Jan 10, 2014
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The age old favourite line within the manosphere is " bro forget about girls and focus on your mission"

At its core the advice is correct but forgetting about girls when we live in a hyper sexualised society where women are as sexually liberated as they have been throughout the entire history of the universe is not as easy as it sounds

You go to the supermarket there's p00sy wearing next to fvck all , you go the gym there's p00sy wearing next to fvck all , you go to the beach there's p00sy wearing next to fvck all you log onto social media there's p00sy wearing next to fvck all

Any red blooded male is going to want to fvck these women

it really aint as simple as just ignoring it ,you need to master self discipline and this is a very very difficult skill to master especially in the contexts of women and pu$$y because if you do it for long enough there's a very very real possibility you will end up as an INCEL

Wars have been started and finished over pu$$y

It's a hell of a drug