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I’m The Only Thing I’m Afraid Of


Don Juan
Oct 20, 2011
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Interesting read.

I am. That’s it, that’s all. Me, myself and I, the only thing that’s stopping this guy from being everything he wants to be.

How sad, yet how true. I’m my own worst enemy. I really am the only thing I’m afraid of.

But what is it that makes me fear me? Am I afraid of what I’ll have to sacrifice, what I’ll have to give, changing who I currently am in order to achieve the success I envision? Am I afraid of failing, falling down flat on my face, showing the not-so-intelligent, potentially unsuccessful side of me? Am I creating these fears in my mind, giving them life and wings to rule my world? What am I afraid of, who am I afraid of?

Me and only me that’s who!

But I’m not alone here. In fact the great majority of us are living like drones, living other people’s plans, somebody else’s dream, as a result building our own roadblocks, setting up our own setbacks. We’re our own worst enemy. We so strongly believe that the world is controlled by what’s out there, when in reality, it either thrives or dies inside you and you only. You’re the only thing you’re afraid of, so please stop blaming anything and everything but you.
So many things in my life and all around me bite at me each and every day. They chip away at my bulletproof vest, my confidence. They provoke and propel fear within me. Its natural, I’m human. But its my duty, my responsibility as a strong soul to fully understand that none of that **** is real, its all external, it has nothing to do with what’s in me. The only real fear in this world is the fear in which you self-create. In other words, the only thing you should ever be afraid of is yourself. Fear is lifeless, until of course, you give it life.

Life is not going to get any easier, that’s just reality. But if anything it will build character. Change is what we crave so we’re getting it. Everything we think we knew just finished getting a facelift. Great, that’s what life’s all about – we go, we grow, we evolve. We can continue to tell ourselves its gonna get ****tier or we can realize that that’s all just a repercussion of what we’ve made ourselves believe. The economy may be in a crisis, but I’ll be damned if you’re going to tell me that there are zero solutions in sight. There is always something we can do. Stay still and perish, move forward strong and thrive.
I also hold the mirror for self-destruction. Me and only me. Either way I look at it, whatever my outcome is, its entirely up to me. If I’m afraid to move, its only me holding me back. I’m the only thing I’m afraid of and only should ever be. Everything else I fear in life is a direct result of me giving it life.

Credits to Mark Cigos.


Master Don Juan
Sep 11, 2011
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Wow, this is really great.
Did you write this? That's very inspiring and mind opening. I'm afraid of being my best self actually. I'm afraid of that potential I have inside to become great.

Yeah, mind opening. Thank you very much for the read.


Don Juan
Sep 30, 2005
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I always feared what I would do to sabotage the next
relationship. I could do so many silly things, get drunk
and destroy what I had. I wanted to get rid of this
nightmare and I did. Suddently I was healed and I started
to draw lovable women to me. And I stopped the
self-defeating behaviour.

I found the solutions several places, but these books
helped me the most:

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Taming Your Inner Brat: A Guide For Transforming Self-Defeating Behavior

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Don Juan
Apr 7, 2012
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If you don't think that there are other people who are ACTIVELY trying to bring you down, your race and type of person in general if not you personally, your life style, your nation, then you are deluded, dude. It's NOT just all "you". In fact, you are a very tiny part of it all, so get over yourself, ok?