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I’m cheating on her at this moment


Master Don Juan
Dec 16, 2015
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Well. Here’s the good news. Now if you want you can just be honest with her right? You simply state that you are broken up, you are exploring other options up to and including sex.

So if she is still willing to fvck you under those circumstances? Perfect. That’s on her and you can go about your business with a guilt free conscious.

And if she throws a hissy fit? Fine. Hang up on her, block her or whatever.


Master Don Juan
Apr 28, 2018
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I broke up with her.
She was a source of conflict for you. Any "right vs. wrong" arguments aside, the less conflict you have in your life the better off you are. Don't try to do an "open" relationship with her. All that will happen is you will get sucked back in and wind up right back where you are now. You have made the right decision by breaking up with her.

If you find the temptation is there to invite her over to cure your loneliness, you should block her. Understand that your desire to cheat on her was stemming out of a certain lack you were feeling from the relationship. It clearly wasn't a good thing you had going on. In fact, I recommend you take some time away from dating and women in general and re-focus.

Good relationships are easy.