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How to turn a massage into sex, any suggestions?


Senior Don Juan
Jul 10, 2007
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Sounds incredibly easy, I know, and it is, I also know... However, how do I turn massage into sex with a girl that has LJBF me? I don't really care if I push things too far and she leaves and never wants to see me again, cause she has no real use to me other than that potential sexing up. However, I obviously want to avoid her getting pissed and leaving before I get to bang her...

Any suggestions?


Master Don Juan
Nov 2, 2009
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is she massaging you or are you massaging her?


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Senior Don Juan
Dec 9, 2004
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that's how i use to get girls at parties :p

i used to massage girls at parties n stuff... one girl, i sh!t you not, whispered in my ear.. "i'm feeling horny" when i was massaging her.

it's also good if you get a girl in bed and you tell her something like "here, relax and let me give you a nice back rub." or just do it without saying... it's kinda sexual to be honest so if they let you do that, you're in half way. after a minute or two, kiss the back of her neck.. if she doesn't stop you, you're in!


Senior Don Juan
Mar 28, 2010
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It starts with a good massage, she'll be wondering what else you can do. Even if she doesn't want to have sex with you a good massage with some suggestive movements will make her consider it. And that's when you strike ;)

All great massages need lube, so crack out some oil. Massage oils or baby oil. Sure massages can still be nice with out them but generally the techniques just don't feel as good or work as well. What is the context of the massage? Ideally you want her topless and face down on the bed. Also, straddle her bum or just below, that way it is immediately more intimate. Ask her to take off her bra, as it makes it easier and you don't want to get oil on it.

Massage isn't rocket science but you can always tell if someone knows what they're doing, and that is hot. Now, you want to relax her but not so much that she falls asleep, also don't take too long to make a move but obviously don't jump in too quick either. It depends on your relationship with the girl, is it a particular girl or just any girl?

The key for you is to not have her relaxed into sleepiness but relaxed and awakening her senses, her responsiveness. The best thing for this is keeping a varied routine, to keep juxtaposing different sensations. If you imagine someone is massaging you in one particular way, constantly, it's lovely but you'll relax into sleep mode. Like rocking a baby. But then when you stop rocking it disturbs the pattern and wakes them up. You want to keep her body switched on, and arouse her so something varied is more likely to do that.

So with this in mind be sure to follow firm pressure strokes or techniques with light pressure, and small surface area techniques (ie, fingertips, kneading thumb, ) with large surface area techniques (ie palms, whole hands). Also one of the basics is just smoothing your hands up, down and around her back, neck and shoulders, in varied pressure, this is something you usually start with and may well come back to while you're deciding what to do next. Another basic is never to apply hard and direct pressure to the spine.

There are quite a lot of different techniques and stuff, don't worry too much about knowing all of them, as I said it's not rocket science so go with the flow, but it's definitely worth learning some. I'll give you a couple that have always got compliments:

1) this one needs a well oiled back and hands, it doesn't work without it but feels lovely with it. Begin at the lower back, either side of her spine, and with your knuckles knead and rotate them fairly quickly (as if your knuckles are doing a mexican wave) and slowly work your way up the spine to the kneck and knead around the neck and below the skull. Then smooth you hands firmly back down her spine and repeat it. (notice the two very different sensations being mixed together here, this is the kind of thing you want to do, every technique feels even better when it's got a contrasting technique complementing it afterwards)

Also, during the massage, be suggestive with your strokes, have a wandering little finger the brushes closely to intimate parts and test her reactions. For example, (once you've got into the massage for a bit, not straight away) when you are bringing your hands around your sides, brush aagainst the side of her boob, and next time you come round see if you can work it up to subtly cupping the sides of her boobs. Also as you bring your hands down the length of her back at times, bring it closer and closer down to the crevice of her ass. You want to keep suggesting sex and arousal to her sense, and these things should.

2) - this one is always adored by people. Begin with one hand at the top of her spine and spread your fingers. With your fingertips, press firmly and drag down the length of her back. As you get to her lower back, before you remove your hand, start at the top with your other hand and begin to drag that down. Repeat this, taking in turns with each hand, always making sure you don't take off you hand at the bottom before your other hand has began at the top. The key is to have a constant flow of touch, it feels great. Now, with each stroke gradually use less and less pressure, your strokes becoming lighter and lighter until they are barely grazing the skin. Follow this long technique with smoothing your hands firmly up her back and carry on with whatever next. Remember what I mentioned about the spine though, obviously the lighter strokes are fine but with the harder strokes at the beginning make sure you finger tips are either side or that your middle finger is a lighter touch.

This technique is a good one to end it on but you can use it more than once. At the end of you routine use this technique, them firmly smooth your hands up her back and around and back down. Then with the back of your nails or you fingertips, drag them up her spine, up her neck and around below her ears. Start massaging and playing with her earlobes and ask if she'd like a full body massage. Ask it with an erection pressed against her bum (so hot) and if she says yes its freewheeling from there.
If you don't have an erection and there's a chance she's oblivious to your intentions then tell her to remove her trousers so you can start on her legs. Begin with her one of her calves and work up to her thigh, as you get further and further kneading up her thigh get that stray little finger out again, brushing subtly further up and around her thigh than it should be. The contrast of the firm kneading with the light 'accidental' brushing of a finger close to her ***** really should get her wet tbh. Carry on kneading and see if you can get away with kneading her ass, if you can you've probably got it in the bag, and get the stray finger out and see if you can work towards her pvssy a bit. If so, tell her to turn round and start massaging up her thighs, tease her getting real close to her pvssy then bypass it ang go up her stomach to her breasts an, well you don't need me to give anymore instructions, I'm pretty sure you can take it from there ;)

But yeah, for the suggestive movements, the key is to lightly graze the area, as if by accident, to test the water. see her reaction. Then when you come back to it do it again until you are pretty sure you can go for it a bit more. The thing about this is that even if she's not sure at first, you are easing her into it, as if each 'accidental' graze she's wondering if she should say something but then it's too late because she's getting used to it and enjoying it ;)



Senior Don Juan
Jun 11, 2008
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Ask them if they like 'special/sensitive/better' massages. Then start kissing them up and down their spine, go up to their neck, then down to their butt. Works