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How to play this one guys?


Senior Don Juan
Apr 9, 2013
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Went out Halloween and got with a mate. Found out she was keen for ltr, but I'm not so I LJBF her.

However, during the night was talking to another mate. Both very drunk, and we both confess feelings etc. say things we shouldn't.

She's got a bf and he's an utter ****, and knowing what I know I won't go into the same room as him or I'll lamp him...

Anyways she wants to pretend the convo never happened which I'm totally cool with seeing as I hardly remember most of it. I know what I would've said however, because this girl is great and I would've told her as much.

Question for you tho guys, whilst I'm gonna be off spinning plates etc. I'd like to keep this girl open to a ltr if she were to end if with the bf or all that bollocks.

I'm no home-wrecker so I won't go there whilst he's in the picture.

But how to keep things ticking over?


Master Don Juan
Apr 17, 2013
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Dan08 said:
But how to keep things ticking over?
You don't......like you said, you have better fish to fry.

Ironically, by never initiating anything with her, it will increase her attraction for you more than trying to "keep the flame alive" ever will.


Master Don Juan
Feb 22, 2012
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I agree just keep a channel open with her for now, don't initiate anything. Also never mention her boyfriend or talk to her about her boyfriend, you are not her emotional tampon. Don't give her any advice on it because then you'd get into friend zone territory, just let her f**k it up for herself.

As soon as it ends or in some fight with him she may be running off to you. Then there will be your chance. Your other chance is party and alcohol and then anything can happen. But let her be and concentrate on other slags and keep her on the low.