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How to make convo on more intimate topics?


Don Juan
Sep 18, 2002
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when we were entering the relationship this used to not be a problem at all, for even if i say "um, yeah" she would continue to talk on and on. However now that we are in a relationship (3 months) i find that a lot of times i dont know what to talk to her about.
I know every aspect of her life, i know her views her dreams and her wants, etc. Most of the time when i see her we are also with others so the conversation never dies. However when i am in a 1 on 1 situation with her i realize that i really dont konw how to keep a convo alive with her anymore and we end up making out instead..

so here's my question, in the bible the introductory conversations are limited to WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE, what if you know all that? How to approach the next level of conversations?


Master Don Juan
Nov 28, 2001
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Land of the Free
Talk about yourself more, talk about what happened recently that she doesnt know about.

Also the talk-to-action ratio becomes more average into dating. Focus on talking to other people with her around. Make sure its not only about you adn her. Like take a look at Maddox's webapge http://maddox.xmission.com/ - does he ever run out of this to talk about? Of course not, but thats what keeps him amusing and worth reading over and over again.