How to deal when women start to discuss their problems with you?


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Mar 20, 2006
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Even when asked, NEVER offer advice. Just listen to everyone’s problem like a therapist.
My opinion:

Just listen/never offer a an EXTENT.

Set limits though. We're all human and it's nice when somebody is willing to listen, but for me it's an OCCASIONAL thing. Definitely not a regular thing, though.

Always best, in my opinion, to speak up and say, "Enough," especially for repeat complainers and chronic complainers. These types are just using me. I am never afraid to literally walk away from people who complain often or repeatedly.

And I will never be anyone's therapist, either, real or imagined. They can hire a professional for that. I hear it pays well. I'm busy. I have complaints too but nobody gives a shiat.

When I am in doubt, and/or I start getting that gut feeling that I am allowing myself to be taken advantage of, I usually opt toward being direct and saying, "I do not want to listen to this any further." Or I might opt to change the subject abruptly. Either way usually conveys my point. I will literally walk away if somebody tries to defy me on this.

Better to risk losing them. Checking their negativity will either repel them or make them wet between the thighs.

Let the other guy be their therapist though. I got too much **** going on to complain and/or listen to people complain. I'm not very patient about this either. Suck it up or talk to somebody who actually gives a crap.

If she is positive and emits good vibes I'll listen 80% and speak 20% all day long. But I will rarely allow a chick to vent on me. I am not going to be the recipient of her frustration.
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Master Don Juan
Jul 9, 2013
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3 options:

1. Troll her until you get bored, run out of material or she gets annoyed, then give your take or change the subject. (Hate that b*tch at work? Kill her. Need money? Rob a bank. Looking for a job? Lets do amateur porn! Etc.)

2. Give your opinion/advice then change the subject. (This is if you think you can give her helpful useful advice, that's only if her problem is somewhere in between hopelessly petty and far too much for a non-professional to handle. For the former or the latter see #1)

3. Find a nice way of saying "shut the fvck up, who cares? Suck my d!ck or talk about something interesting, else I'm going home"

#3 is a last resort if you grow tired of #1 & #2 because she endlessly drones on about things you don't care about that aren't worth discussing. The first two options are for when it's not much of a problem, the third is if it becomes a problem.