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How to date hot models on Instagram


Don Juan
Apr 28, 2022
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I am struggling to believe OP has created an essay relating to his success with getting electronic replies from female Instagram accounts

OP how much effort and energy are you putting into this :oops: , what are you getting out of it ? a notification ?

I practically gaurentee you push these "models" to meet and they will dissapear of the face of the earth

"talking" is a pickup artist cope ......if nothing transpires from it what is the point

If you were banging 2-3 a week i could kind of understand the point but you clearly aren't
I mean most of the girls do flake but some don’t.

You know it’s interesting because before this whole IG game thing daygame used to be my favorite way to meet women but then this guy on Reddit taught me IG game and I haven’t been the same since.

I’ve been trying to go out and do cold approach again though.


Senior Don Juan
Nov 24, 2021
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you can definitely meet girls on instagram in fact many hot girls meet guys off the gram. its better than any dating app as you can showcase real value.

but if comes down to value, u need a great profile. looks money status and lots of social proof (attractive friends etc) and an attractive/luxury lifestyle


Master Don Juan
Apr 6, 2018
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It's pretty clear to me how you are getting these women, it's because of your DJing/music producing. I was a house DJ in clubs for many years back in my 20s. Got more hot woman who threw themselves at me while I was DJing than I could count. Banged more hot chicks than I can count who approached me and I literally did nothing other than take them home at the end of the night. Had girls who would come see me every night in a certain club and get jealous when they saw me flirting with other women who came up in the booth to dance and hang out and grope me. Competition between women in these places is real.

It wasn't cause I was good looking and in shape...I was actually not in great shape at all back then but was OK looking. Got laid without effort by young hot chicks who found what I did attractive and that it gave them some status to be seen with me, plus I knew all the other DJs around town and got in to all the other clubs for free and drank for free at some of them too...and they would come with me sometimes and basically be treated like a VIP cause they were with me. That's super powerful to women...it's like a drug.

Plus since they knew I was already banging other hot women, they wanted to see what they were missing. Pre selection at its finest.

What's going on is no mystery to me. I lived it for 8-9 years.
Same for me! While I was a DJ women throw at me easily. On Instagram it was so easy... Just put you are a DJ and have some decent pictures of course and they chase you like crazy.

When I stopped it my rate dropped a lot. I still can find women on Instagram and have dates, but not that much as having thr status of a DJ.

Basically those kind of women likes the status you have. There might be other stuffs that attracts them too.