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How should I proceed with this girl ? I'm a newbie.


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Jun 21, 2017
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Update: So I asked her out for a date and she rejected. I replied with a simple OK and would have left it at that once and for all but she said she would like to introduce her friend to me. At this point it seemed so ridiculously clear that she tried to make up for me due to some guilt. I immediately denied her offer and said that I'm not interested in any form of shipping from her.

And she then revealed that she has a boyfriend all this time and that she flirts with many, not just me. She said I left an impression on her from the first meetup so she flirted with me. Yet she didn't want me to think too far ahead and now wants me to not be angry with her. I said no to the bull**** and said that I will never contact her again, simple as that.

Again, thank you guys for the advices and insights XD. I'm glad I dodged a fvcking bullet.
Flirting is not a gender thing its a human thing. Us guys are just as guilty as the ladies


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Jul 27, 2020
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South East Asia
Flirting is not a gender thing its a human thing. Us guys are just as guilty as the ladies
From what she said, it seems she flirted with me just for the sake of flirting. I tend to flirt a lot with girls too, but it's not common in our culture to flirt with everyone when we have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Not sure about western cultures tho.

Perhaps it's time to reread the Rational Male.