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How often have you been approached by women?


Master Don Juan
Nov 6, 2022
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Joe Moma's
Every event I perform at, women throw their numbers at me.
Yes, this seems to be a commonality amongst many of the posters here. Being center attention whether it be a Dj, musician, performer or anything of the sort gets eye's on you. Pair that with being attractive and in shape and you are bound to get someone coming up to you.

It does seem the prerequisite is being attractive, but i'm sure there are exceptions.

This goes without saying,but the more active I am socially,the more I get “approached.”I got approached quite a bit when I was a clueless idiot who didn’t know he was being approached and I still get approached once in a while.

I am of the belief,however,that most women rarely,if ever,approach men.What they do,however,is drop barely decipherable indicators of interest or come ons,and hope that you do the rest.Now THESE I get a load of. I have been informed by friends of friends that I am often a topic of discussion in circles of girls I don’t know.
Same, although I was more aware of it, but had hang ups and would boot the girls out... which often made them more persistent!

Amongst my friends and peers it seems very very few have ever been approached by women. I recently asked a group of guys i'm tight with who are all mid-late 20s successful men if girls had crushes on them growing up. Nearly all of them said they never had or were never aware of them to begin with. I think in many instances men are not approached, but given clear signs of interest, but are too stupid to notice.


Don Juan
Feb 27, 2023
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I might be bad at reading signals from women because I think it's 0, from dudes on the other hand...