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How does a dude get a chick like THIS?


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Black Widow Void

Master Don Juan
Feb 24, 2010
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I realize that this is the season for the second coming and stuff.
... but with this being said, that's still no excuse for resurrecting Biggoal.


Master Don Juan
Jun 21, 2017
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Yes, biggoal hung on for so long because he did not have a combative attitude. We cut him a lot of slack for that very reason. But he definitely showed a complete lack of appreciation for some fine advice he was given. The more personal you got with him, the more he would ignore offers to help.

He’s one of those Teflon guys. Nothing sticks. Hence everyone’s frustration with him.

I genuinely wish him well too. I think he’s got to go another semester or two in the School of Hard Knocks before he’s ready to get serious.

I hope he gets on those weights and makes those improvements, but for himself, not for trying to impress the online trash out there.

Biggoal, a big part of self-respect is respecting other men. It’s a feedback loop that gains momentum.

We gave him a goldmine of information, but he didn’t recognize it for what it was.

Well, we’re all in a different place in life and he’s on his path. BG, if you’re reading this, I hope you will re-read some of your threads and get your hands dirty by mining for the abundant gold therein.
I hope when the governing authorities make these decisions its not based soley off of the other overly sensitive community members flooding your mailbox with emotions...and based off good sound reason.
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Senior Don Juan
Oct 16, 2019
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This is a local forecaster down here I follow on Twitter. A young hottie in a large TV market. How in the world does her fiance get her when he is no Chad or Chad lite at all and isn't even in great shape? I see much better looking guys like this everyday in better shape and all. I mean looks wise she's way beyond his pay grade. So how do guys like this work magic to get high end top of the line HB? Are they using PUA game? Looks like a typical guy you see at the local sports bars drinking beer and watching football. Usually these bubble head young news hotties go for super Chads and even a few cases super Tyrone around here.

i can tell you why you will never get a girl like her because you keep using the word chad, chadlite, tyrone, and PUA :)


Master Don Juan
Mar 27, 2016
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What about Pookie & Ray Ray? Don't forget about those guys.