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How do you rate a girl?

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Master Don Juan
Dec 21, 2017
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I rate them by:

I'm looking for LTR again and I found L-7 or 7.5 / C/I - 9 SA - 4 girl so she seems to be perfect for LTR (most of guys don't even notice her because she looks like a female nerd that doesn't flirt at all but when she dresses up she is border 8/10 cuz' slim, perky tits and sexy face). Thankfully most of guys are morons and go after high SA females (and low C/I most of the time...).

It would be cool to have side-plate though' - for STR's I simply cut out the C/I from rating (mostly because it's redundant)

Also, high C/I is much more difficult to observe than other attributes - I don't even want to enhance that girl's SA - mostly because she would be noticed by alpha males - I don't want that to happen.
Great choice mark, yeah girl with C/I plus passionate will be a rockstar to me, true Alphas wont go for SA because its too shallow and get decayed overtime, as well go with girl with virtue, they are precious and rare. Perky tits and slim body that my choice for sure.