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How do u handle chicks that blow u off?


Master Don Juan
Mar 30, 2019
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Honestly its fun to see that the issues back then and now and that they are about exactly the same now.
We guys are simple creatures ha ha..


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Master Don Juan
Sep 23, 2019
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Here is my dillema. Ive been seeing this girl now for like 2 months now. We have gone out a few times etc. Messed around a bit ( no sex yet). We were supposed to go out today and she said she would call me but I have yet to hear from her nor do I think I will. She has to go to work at 4pm today so theres still an hour left till 4pm and I dont think its gonna happen. How do I handle something like this? Im not gonna call her...at least for a few days unless I hear from her first. But should I act mad or just pretend like I didnt care. As a side note to this we had plans last saturday and she cancelled on me cause she was doing something with her best friend. She was like youre gonna be mad at met etc. And I acted like I it didnt bother me too much. I did tell her that hey im not mad but dont make a habit out of cancelling plans when u have them with someone. I also feel that its necessary to say here that..I have told this girl in the past that I wanna take things slow etc. and not talk on the phone every day got out constantly cause it will just kill things for us. Im not looking for a relationship from this girl...but at the same time I think I deserve a little respect here also. Anyone have any opinions on this please post em.

You been seeing some girl for 2 month and no push in the bush????? Or you been seeing her at work, and gone out on dates?


Master Don Juan
Nov 11, 2008
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I used to get angry at them. I thought i had to put them " in their place". Tell them not to disrespect my time. It was the worst thing I could have done.

You are supposed to go do your favorite hobby. Go play a great game of basketball. Go for an awesome run, go spar in a dojo etc.

She will sense the TRUE indifference. Dont let her be the only exciting thing in your life.