How do I not get flaked on here?


Master Don Juan
Dec 14, 2019
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Only difference is if you're playing in the NBA, you're not likely to get flaked on. Even in the 1/256 chance you do get flaked on, you have so much money, social circle, status, and money you genuinely don't care. You will never be ugly either, there's no such thing as an ugly millionaire.

Most guys here aren't high value or sexy, they're trying to be.
now thats power.......


Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2006
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Cute, 23 y.o., we've been talking almost 2 weeks, only able to arrange date now due to her and my work and my travel, interest level seems high, she texted first twice so far this week.

What should I say next here? I don't want my time wasted again. If it were up to me, I would just say "if this is too much for you, we should just leave it, it's better not to risk wasting each other's time". But I... guess that's not good game. She seems like the anxious / love bombing type. Which is... also the flaky type?

Maybe I should video call her...? I fvcked a different woman from OLD 2 weeks ago. We matched, I video called her, and she was in my apartment the following night. So maybe the video call helps to relieve this mad anxiety they have?
Don't say anything - if she flakes, just ghost. As for that chick you banged, was she fat?