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Help me justify something stupid I wanna do...


Master Don Juan
Nov 27, 2017
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Glad to hear I was able to help somebody learn from it. Before this post a couple days back I posted this if you want to just kinda read through the cliffnotes on things I've picked up since those days.
That's an awesome read fam. Damn you have a 62 Laycount? I was happy to get up to 7 lol.

I'm gonna approach hard and get that above 20 before I graduate college though.


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Master Don Juan
Sep 11, 2018
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That's really good advice. I'm not single at the moment, but since I have a photography hobby also, I might go back to that if I ever feel like it. Great.
Ive started making business cards and I’m going to get into modeling photography. That’s pretty much going to be how I meet 9s and 10s, lol.

I did a similar thing back in California where I had a friend who owned an entire art gallery. We would socialize and invite women to our art shows. At one show, we had close to 100 women and maybe 5 guys, lol.

It was way more effective than anything we ever did in the bars and clubs. Not to mention the social status/proof and credibility that came with it.

Plausible deniability is probably the most effective game tactic that rarely gets talked about.

Women are ALWAYS looking for plausible deniability to be alone with you. It eases their anti-slvt defense. They have the perfect excuse to be alone with you and have sex without feeling guilt.

And they get to look at paintings and drink champagne or get their modeling pictures taken on top of it.