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Help, I got one date itous


Don Juan
Oct 7, 2002
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tuscaloosa, al, USA
I am having some severe difficulties here. I have NO problem at all meeting girls, in fact I have 10 numbers sitting here in front of me. I don't get nervous around chicks, I have no problem in talking to them. What I do have a problem with is only having a single date with them. In the last 7 days I've been on 3 days, 2 that I had set up and one on the fly date. I picked time, place, etc. I even had one of the girls come and pick me up. I don't stay out past 2 hours with them. We usually do something cheap, like go get some drinks or something. During the 2 hour date about an hour and a half is me sitting there listening to them talk about themselves and asking them interesting questions. 15 minutes is me being C&F and hte other 15 minutes is me answering questions/turning conversation to them.

So what is going on here? I feel like I'm striking out, I've had a bunch of chances at bat but I keep missing the ball. I build good repotoire with them during the date. I listen to what they say and repeat it back to them later in the date. I mimic their movements. I apply kino. I'm not a push-over, the girls usually pay for their drinks themselves. Or I buy the first round then they buy the second. I have a tendency to laugh alot and laugh loudly. (i'm just a happy person) I've been told by some of the girls that I'm a lot of fun, I always go for the kiss, (hey what is she gonna do kick my a$$? I'll just get rejected, or I hook up one of the two) so any pointers? I think I'm doing everything right, I just can't quite put my finger on what is going wrong.

Thanks for the info.


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Master Don Juan
Jul 27, 2003
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There is a thing called trying to hard. Don't get me wrong, I know you've got a ton of numbers and are going on dates, but I think your building it up in your mind that you need to get to a certain point with this girl by the end of the night otherwise you feel like you've failed. For instance if you go out with HBA for drinks, and tell yourself, I have to get a kiss before tonight and you end up not getting a kiss(not getting rejected, just not trying) then you feel like you've failed. I think you should talk a little more too. Girls always love to talk, but if you can keep them laughing and have a "balance" in the conversation they will feel like you really care about what they're saying. Don't eas e up on the C/F. How are your transistions in the conversation?? Do you jump from topic to topic with no connection?? What about non-verbal flirting?? Strong EC, touching etc?? Be more specfic so I can help more.