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help for a veteran

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Senior Don Juan
Mar 8, 2007
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East Coast
Well about a yr later i am back, to report my progress:

How to achieve happiness on a day to day basis
I.Stabilize life
A.Find/Keep reliable job-I managed to aquire and secure a job, im treated poorly but i have been here for more than a yr.
B.Acquire all my transcripts & stay @ on College I transfered to a private 4yr college back in PA
C.Get my own humble apartment where I know I can stay peacefully I have aquired my own place, clean and safe, after going thru more drame with my ex gf
D.Maintain Reliable transportation to & from work.(have back up) I have gotten my license back and havent had an infraction in a yr or more, I now have 3 cars(poor condition) but hey its transportation

II.Enjoy life kinda feeling down since im an outsider, still
A.Have interesting leisurely life
B.Spend time doing things I enjoy w/ others (car clubs, cruises, boxing, chess, +shows)
C.Spend time doing things I enjoy alone (day trips to new places/cities, foods, racing)
D.Reward myself w/small treats(desserts +foods that please me)

III.Improve Relationship with god Never really got into my religion
A.Go to masque on jumuah
B.Make salat
C.Cut back sins I can help(cursing, negativity, clubbing, drinking)
D.Gain more Muslim peers & people who can contribute to my life in a positive way
E.Read the holy Quran
F.Visit Mecca once

IV.Successful relationship I have been lacking in this area, im getting laid but by hb8 18, 19, 20, 21 & 23 yr olds-nothing my age(27)
A.Avoid females who are attention slores/time wasters
B.Avoid female friends who are fitnah/xena(trouble)
C.Respect the woman I’m with like id want her to do me
D.Give her myself completely 100%
E.Be understanding, supportive & compromise with her.

V.Secure better health
A.Keep inner peace by avoiding bad karma +negative ppl
B.Build an exercise schedule that I can keep & will produce results
C.Build a better sleep schedule
D.4 balanced meals a day

VI.Increase Productivity
A.Block out more time 4 studying
B.Try and invest in myself & not spend pointlessly
C.Work hard for my Entertainment company
D.Save money.
E.Stay out of trouble and make better choices