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Guys (and girls) give me your feedback (have you used this strategy)


Senior Don Juan
Mar 17, 2001
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People, I have been using this strategy, and I would love to know how it works for others if they try it...

My system is simple... I am an average looking guy that has above average success... my method is simple... I go out with a group of friends that are outgoing and hit on women constantly.

They get drunk and talk to women, doing everything that they can to impress them... meanwhile, I am very pleasant, speaking mostly to my friends, but being nice to everyone... I let it be known (non-verbally) that I am not desperate, not interested and just there to hang out with friends.

I don't act arrogant, I don't act aloof, if a girl says something funny, I laugh... but I don't really question them about what they like, what they do... just average conversation...

At some point (though never right away)a girl will say something like "I just came back from India"... At this point I act as though she has fascinated me... I ask questions about whatever she said (It has to be potentially genuinely interesting... maybe not to me... but I can't look fake).

I progress and allow her to prove to me that she is interesting and fascinating... I have already proven to be confident and not desperate... It looks to the girl like she is intriguing and interesting man that is not out looking desperately for women...

In my experience, this technique works much better than others I have tried... I'ts similar to fishing... you look completely uninterested... untill you have the fish on the hook... the only difference is that with my method... the fish want to jump in the boat to show you how tasty they are...

I don't think this is a particularly unique strategy, but it is unique in practice, particularly since it works over one night... which is usually my plan...

I would appreciate comments and criticism, as well as any ideas others might have...


Senior Don Juan
Dec 5, 2000
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I've been using this technique for years. Out of my group of friends I am the oldest and most intelligent (sorry guys but you know its true) but not necessarily the most outgoing. I let my other friends get liquored up and put themselves on the line by going up to the girls and start convos with them. A lot of times there will be the girl in the group who's intelligent too and I just wait until I hear something from her. At that point I mix myself into the conversation and point out all the "things I have in common with her." By this time my friend is dumbfounded and moves unto something more fun and less "smart."

Another variation is when the liquored up friends come on to strong or brash for the good looking ladies. At this point I either apologize for my friend(s) or come to her rescue by making them step off. Either way it's a great conversation starter.
Mar 28, 2001
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Boone NC USA
Yeppers it works, I have done it before in alot of different ways.

Tip: sometimes, you don't need a group of your own. You can watch carefully, for other groups to start, bugging the hell out of a woman, but you remain calm, lust free looking.

And, moch off them.

I bring one of my most annoying flurtatious friends, or just one of my friends, really.
Let him show out, while I benifit.
Cruel, but I have told him, his way isn't working, and he still don't listen.

So he is my only wing man, bad when you only need one to get women.
If he moves, I will tell you if he moving to a town near you, so you can become his friend, too.
And, get women

Go for the women that you see turn down, 10 to 15 guys. They are really looking for a guy that can hold his cool.

But, that is a good tactical manuver.

Doubt is the key to knowlege...


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