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Going for butterfaces, weakness?


Master Don Juan
Jan 11, 2011
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Lately I been getting a lot of attention from butterfaces and taking them up on it. My on/off again girl is one herself, but has the type of body I like. Now it seems if I get into a new environment, instead of holding out and waiting to see if a hotter girl comes around, I begin targetting the butters because 1) they're easier targets and are good to go : ) and 2) while not particularly pretty in the face, they can have some outrageous bods.....and something about them turns me on too. These chicks know they're packin body so they flaunt it usually.

My question is am I taking the easy way out by going for the sure(r) thing here? I know some of you say you never wail on anything below your standards but some of these girls are good fvcks!

And say you come into a new social circle. Some of the women are hotter than some of the others....and let's say you fvck one of the not so hot ones, does that fvck up your chances of hitting any of the hotter ones later down the road? How hard is it to recover from that?

Maybe I have impulse control issues or fear of passing up pvssy because it might not come again for awhile.


Senior Don Juan
May 13, 2010
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the butterface will sabotage your chances with the hotter chic if they are both friends.


Senior Don Juan
Oct 19, 2008
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Are we talking butterface as in:

Her face is average to cute. Not ugly, but it isn't the face that should be matched to that body?


Her face is ugly. It is ugly, and it isn't the face that should be matched to that body?

My advice is to avoid type two all together, unless you want to be known as the friendly neighborhood skeezer pleaser, and be considered untouchable by all the cuter girls who hear about it.

Type one is okay to screw around with. If there is a hotter friend in her social circle you'd like to mess with, I'd probably leave it alone though.