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girl at work

7onriverI f

Jan 31, 2020
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Been talking to this old Vietnam guy at work. Being talking about him and his mate banging Australian hookers every week (perhaps it seems while married). He asked me a couple of times if i have a girlfriend or am married. Now today he asked me if I'm interested in dating a girl. He's hooking me up with a asian girl at work. She opened me last week asking if I'm left handed. I didn't really try and hit on her at all really.

He told me I can pick her up in my car and we can go on a date. He was rumbing on about something like I can sponsor her and Asian girls don't need a lot of money. Told me your not going to boom boom (bang) and run are you. Told me a guy did that to her if I listened to him correctly. Told me that guy is a puss.y.

She opened me today as well asking if I had a break. Again i didn't really stop and just answered her question.

There's another asian girl giving me the look at work as well. These girls ain't from Vietnam they are from taiwan and they speak to the vietnam guys/girls in english.

that asian old guy is funny as fark and slaps the older asian chicks on the ass at work. He's married as well and these girls ain't his wife I don't think since the women travel in a different car and he goes in a car with his mate.

He's basically trying to set me up with a taller asian girl whos below 30. I'm 5 foot 10 and she would be 6 foot. Model looking body and probably overall a 8.

I agreed to his offer and now he's going to ask the girl if she wants to go on a date with me. fark i don't know if this is a good idea really. I'm not really sure about the bosses they seem super cool but i dunno i think the girl really wants a boyfriend. I basically just wanna have fun whether that's dancing, watching a movie or making out perhaps banging.
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Master Don Juan
Oct 1, 2018
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If this story is real..

There's too many expectations off the bat. Dude asked if you're going to bang and run... it's none of his business. And he's talking about you sponsoring her? Wtf. Why doesn't he sponsor her?

Man.... find someone else. Forget about her.