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gf p1ssing me off so now im going to get her good


Don Juan
May 18, 2005
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First some of u might have read the thread abour my gfs phone being shutoff for a couple of days. She claims she tried to stop by my house, don't know. Her friend said she wanted to call me blah blah. I offered to pay her phone bill until she gets paid but I have no clue why she refuses.we hung out all weekened fvcked etc. Shes weird like that wanting to be isolated sometimes.
This bweekeend we were fvcked up she was saying she's scared of ltrs blah blah. Im like wtf? Then I got her phone (she was standing right there) I looked to see if she got a text from me I sent cause she said she can't any texts. 3 texts down I see the name of this dude and the guy said, I miss u. I call her out immediatley. She was on vacation when that text was recieved. She says she was drunk and talked to him. This dude lives 1 hour away and she hasn't seen him in 2months cause im witgh her everyday. She says she went on a couple dates before we got together. I said what kind of dude says he misses u and u haven't seen him in 2 moonths and went ona couple of dates? Lol. I then said yea u like male orbiters I guess.
She is going toi get it good from me cause im sick of her sh1t. She refuses to pay her phone bill amd she does stupoid sh1t and I pay for her sh1t right now cause she's broke.
This friday I got a bottle at a club where I know a super fine waitress pretty well. Im going to have her serve my table. My gf wil get jealous. Im going to get her number right in front of her face even though I already have it. Im going to say oh I lost ur number. She will get so insecure it will be funny.

I'm Charming

Don Juan
Apr 24, 2008
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Ha. You want to one up your girlfriend, are you so sad that you have to compete in her games? You're no better than her.

The right thing to do, and I'm sure you've been told this already would be to dump her and move on.

Grow up.


Don Juan
May 2, 2008
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You're not going to teach your girl anything by doing something that she might get frustrated by.

So whatever is causing more trouble - either you or her, its better off if both of you just werent together.
So if you think you're hot sh*t and you could do with something better than I suggest you go out and find something better and go tell your girl to find something better. Which she may have already found.
Girls will always have a backup plan - they do less work when it comes to getting in relationships. There will always be a guy who wants to get with a girl and be in a relationship.