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Games women play?


Don Juan
Jan 18, 2006
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Got a good question. What type games has a girl played with you? How did you respond? and what were the results?

A week ago the girl I am fu.cking text me. Some guy asked me to go out for drinks. I replied "ok" She replied two hours later "he took to a bar with his ex there make her jelous. I never responded.

A few hours later she texted me about using her vibrator. She says "it was just as good as me". I repsoned "Good for you, I am happy for you" and she responed "watever, ttyl" I then responded "ok. ttyl"

By the way. Last night I fu.cked her on my terms because my place was availabe

How about you guys. What games have girls played with you and what happened?


Don Juan
May 22, 2003
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I think the question should be "what games haven't they played on you?"

One of the best ones is always the - going out with another guy to make you jealous game.

I swear I was dating the best game player that has ever have lived, a couple years ago, for about 9-months (talk about an education!). The day I taught her to snowboard she'd said she'd love to go again sometime soon. So 2-weeks go by and I'm thinking we should go again, and so I ask, she then tells me "oh I can't I went with Brad from work...and I can't afford to go again for awhile"

So recognizing (from past experience) what this was all about, I started asking her a ton of questions about this guy like I wouldn't have cared if he'd have banged her right on the hill. With each question I asked her, the more annoyed she got.

A few weeks later (while I was dumping her) she told me "you didn't even care enough to get jealous"
Yah - you're right b!tch - I don't!
It's so much fun to turn it right back around on them, I'm still smiling about it, 2-years later.


Master Don Juan
Oct 15, 2001
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You did good but...

To REALLY show you don't care about her dating
the other guy, You should have NOT asked her
any questions about him! Just say something like,
"well good for you!" and leave it at that!
When a woman tells you she dated another guy
she's testing you to see how secure you are etc.
If you ask a bunch of questions about her date
with the other guy, you are showing that you
are thinking about the fact that she dated
the other guy. It's better to not let her see
if it bothers you.

"I started asking her a ton of questions
about this guy..."