For the new guys-an analogy between girls and video games


Master Don Juan
Aug 14, 2001
Ok, this is an analogy to help u new guys that seem to keep coming to understand some of the DJ principles.

Think of dating as a video game... Now when do u get sick and tired of a video game? more than likely when u mastered the game and it's the same old stuff over and over since the game can't really change itself for u. The same is true with women. They might be interested in u just as u would be in a video game but eventually if u don't play ur cards right they'll get bored with u and toss u out for the "newest release". Lucky for u tho.. u (unlike a game) can change. that's what this site is for

Now let's think about what makes us get bored of video games and toss them aside or just plain out would make u think it sucks azz (u guys can add more if u like, I'll edit and add them if they're good to make it all look nicer) well there's:
1)Too damn easy-u can beat the game in 3 hours

2)Piss poor graphics-It looks like ****

3)It's too repetitive-There seems to be only 1 thing u can do in the game (something like duck hunt for NES, i know that's old skool but that's what came to mind first)

4)There is no real point to the game-Why the hell am i playing this?

5)No real sounds-All u hear is the clicking of the buttons when u play

6)The reviews for the game sucks-All ur friends and the media tell u the game stinks worse then ur grandma... odds r u aren't gonna bother getting it

7)The game doesn't appeal to ur interests-It's a hockey game and u think hockey is for us canucks
so u toss it out

8)The game is TOO unbelievably hard - U can't live for over a minute after u turn on the game and u've been playing the game for a month.

9) It's the only damn game u play-Ur gonna get bored of it some time... probably sometime soon

10)The game is very unoriginal

11)U are the master of the game, u know all of the secrets, every hidden level and where every power up is.

Now, lets relate each of these to women because they get sick of u, throw u out and think u suck azz for similar reasons (#1 refers to #1 in the list above, in case u don't figure it out

1) Ur too damn easy, u don't challenge them, they could tell u to build a statue of her and u'd do it.

2) The way u present urself make u look homeless, it looks like u don't care of urself, how u look is repulsive.

3) U tell her she is beautiful and amazing and blah blah blah every single day-The same old **** gets boring, so time to toss it out!

4) U tell her u were abused as a kid and ur dad killed ur gineau pig whne u were 4... She's gonna wonder why the hell she is going out with u.. to be ur sister? that's creppy... out u go..

5) Ur conversations consist of coughing, "uuhhhs" and other incoherent babbling

6) U got a ****ty ass rep-everyone is saying u raped ur lil' sister and have genital herpes

7) She wants a man, a dj but ur being everything she doesn't want in a guy

8) U completey ignore her (for no reason) and show no interest, when she tries to talk to u, u act like a **** AND u keep all this up for a long period of time (it might be good in small dosages, but not too much at the same time)

9) U and ur girl don't see any friends or anyone else except each other, u guys are gonna get sick of each other and someone is gonna leave.

10) Ur are just like everyone else, u act like everyone else, u look like everyone else, u come off as everyone else-Odds are she won't notice u.

11) She knows every thing there is to know about u, u aren't mysterious, there isn't a thing she doesn't know about u.

Ok there is some of them, there's alot more (like i said, post 'em and i'll add em)

I hope this will help out u new guys in understanding all these DJ principles and maybe even help out the veterans a lil'

So when the girl u like is getting bored of u, tossed u out or doesn't like u, u can always think of it as if it were a video game and figure out why she would've done it and fix that mistake to make urself the best damn video game on the market, a DJ game

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Don Juan
Jan 3, 2002
Excellent post! Make sure you lose the qualities of a bad video-game/catch, and you have the basis for a real Don Juan.

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Master Don Juan
Jan 5, 2002
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Great post, Misunderstood... excellent analogies. Quite clever.

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Nov 29, 2001
Extremely creative. Nice post. The key to your whole post is the fact that we play video games because they are emotionaly fun for us. It is the same with women. They only respond if you can make them respond *emotionally*.



Master Don Juan
May 17, 2001
Really nice way to put it. Really nice.
Only thing is.. I like hockey..

i'd rather die than give you control


Senior Don Juan
Jul 11, 2004
Meh people keep thinking playing Video games is dorky and all that, But the industry is growing, And plus having a computer game/ console is fun and sometimes good to get girls out of your head. Just dont center your life to them either...


Master Don Juan
Jun 29, 2003
good analogies.

I guess you with lots of cash = cheat code ,

Jan 3, 2005
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1nce again...tight....
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