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First time and newbies to the Forum - How to use SoSuave


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Mar 15, 2016
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I will lay out what brought me here, what I did first and how I use SoSuave.
How you use and benefit from SoSuave is your choice and I hope SoSuave helps you be all the man you can be!

Why I came:
Horrible ghosting breakup, 2x from same girl... my "oneitis"

What I did first:
Read the no contact thread.
Read the no contact thread.
Read the no contact thread.
Post to the no contact thread
Read the no contact thread.
Read the no contact thread.
Read the no contact thread.

What I did next:
Read the forums
Read the forums
Read the forums
Post to the forums
Read the forums
Read the forums

Why, MrWood are you reading so much, and why should I?

By reading what people post (mostly problems) and reading the responses from members with high "message to reaction" ratios (mostly answers), hopefully you will began to see patterns in how to respond to situations that ultimately point to the very primal, basic nature of women.

This is important to begin your realizations... of your limited perception. Thus, you should try to understand the following:

What is and how to handle sh!t-tests.
What is being "needy"?
What does putting a woman (or anyone) on a "pedestal" mean?
What is supplication?
What does the basis of "beta bucks and alpha fvcks" mean in a primal way for younger women and older women
What is the broader concept of being a "cuck"
What is "frame"
What is "game"

What you will learn, in a nutshell:
How to respond to typical situations and understand where/why you have failed in the past.
How to act and react to things that are typical in a male/female dynamic
How to increase attraction (see above)
many many more

Enjoy, have fun and be the man
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Dec 12, 2017
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With the whole sh!t test thing, I'd actually add a warning - big warning - that you don't want to revolve your entire game around "passing tests." Prioritize fun in your interactions, because if you're worrying about 'passing the test' the entire time you can't do that. The DJ Bible literally says this in a post.

I'd say that a good place to start for anyone new to this forum is to look at yourself and the agreements you've made with yourself and/or others the things you're telling yourself and figure out which ones of those you want to break. "I'm worthless." "I'll never get a girlfriend." Those kinds of things. And replace them with better self-talk. This is especially crucial if your self-esteem is damaged. The second area closely akin to that is your friend groups (as in 'people you know IRL'). Are they helping you or have they consistently dragged you down? Answer the question and act accordingly, because "A companion of fools shall be destroyed."

The power to change comes from within yourself. Not some blue and white website.