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Feb 21, 2001
I've had my sexual revolution after watching Bad Boys with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith years ago. Will Smith's character is so damn cool. I thought "This is the way to be." Tea Leoni's description made a lightbulb burn inside me. Okay it's a movie but it had the power to change my life. I was going to be the most masculine man in my town. I didn't even make the change to get girls but to get in peace with myself. A few tips

· Stop whining!

· Never tell people about your emotions. Specially not girls! Most of them are b*tches anyway. The most intimate and unique thing about yourself is how your spirit functions. Don't give it away. Not to anyone. The only true friend you have is yourself.

· Cry every now and then. Alone off course. Always do it alone because we live in the year 2001; you can't impress anyone with a cry. Think about a thing that makes you cry. It cleans your spirit. You are human.

· "Being in love" is temporary. It's those damn endorfines in your body. Get rid of it very quickly. However love is real and will stay forever. Love for the planet. Love for a person. Love for living. Being in love is nothing compared to real love. Do you know there are cases of people constantly falling in love because of a drug they're using. I'm not talking about XTC but drugs actually making people fall in love constantly.

· You are who you are. Only God or whatever you believe in can change you. You have to get the edges off. That's the only thing YOU can do. Not your girlfriend. Not your boss. You.

· If someone is doing a thing you don't like tell them not to do it. Everyone is testing everyone 24-7. Don't fail the test! It's absolutely essential that you say what you think without insulting anyone. Insulting is a weakness. Showing people that you do not tolerate their actions is a natural thing to do. A very admirable thing even. Example: Imagine your girlfriend is french-kissing with someone else. You don't say a word (you are thinking:"she'll forget about it tomorrow." No way. She's probably doing it because she f*cking likes it and wants to f*ck him eventually. ) and you'll end up with RSI in your hands. Say something and you'll keep your self-respect and maybe your girlfriend (because she now thinks highly of you.) If she decides to leave let her go to hell. Do not avoid anything that is a challenge to you and the prospects of achieving your goal are not very positive. Never avoid confrontation with that which you are afraid of. Avoid confrontation and the thought of not having faced that which bothers you will follow you and keep remembering you what a loser you are. Face that what bothers you. Most people (not all) talk like it's the end of the world when a mistake is made. There's almost always a way back after a mistake. Believe in yourself and the choices you've made and never say sorry for things you haven't done intentionally. You'll get a chance to prove yourself later. If you won't get that chance then say "hasta la vista baby" or something like that and move on. Face everything/everyone that bothers you. Think about it, analyse it, talk about it and solve it. The first time with everything is scary but after ten, twenty times you can do it with no effort. When you were a baby you had harder things to learn. Like that almost symmetrical pattern of pink (or black (in the most positive meaning of the word)) that you saw with that smell was your mother. Then you learned that those curved writings are used to count things. Then you learned to make other people laugh. So if you would have avoided these (educative) situations you would not have gotten anywhere. Want to talk to that gorgeous girl who is so hot? Do it now. If things don't end up the way you want to then at least you can sleep easily and you can focus on new and different projects.

· Don't argue with your parents because of a girl. Your parents are always there for you. Your girlfriend isn't.

· Don't fear! Fear of dogs is not real fear unless it's phobic. Fear has many faces. Jealousy is a form of fear. Not taking risks is a form of fear. Lashing out is a form of fear. Avoiding difficult or scary situations at all costs is a form of fear. Not showing kino with the person you like is a form of fear. Worrying is a form of fear. Hesitation is a form of fear. Not looking in the eyes of a person is a form of fear. Not dealing with a problem is a form of fear. Not being able to face the truth is a form of fear. Not showing (different from telling about) feelings is a form of fear. Fear can only serve him who can deal with it.

· You are fundamentally different from a female. You are stronger. You are supposed to protect her. You can read maps. You are more emotional but then again you can keep them under control. She can see and hear more. Bright light will irritate you much faster. She can easily do more things at once. She lives longer. She is sexier. You get more handsome as time passes. Women don't. These are biological differences and in the end you can only be a man when you start living (and this is not that biological) like one.

· Have everything under control.

· Hang around with many women. Flirt and have sex with all. Don't start thinking women will see you as too aggressive because your being sexually open. You are who you are and everyone should shove their opinion up their own asses.

· When you're starting to think "I'm great" you are really starting to be great. Don't get carried away though because it'll probably end in depression.

I was going to post advice on how to be a true Don Juan (who can't count his lovers anymore) and on how to be a manipulative man who can make people do things for him but eventually that would hurt a lot of people. I'm not the only one who knows these things but posting them would be unethical. I hope other people also will not post advice on issues which are meant to hurt people.

"There is someone for everyone" (old saying)


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May 5, 2001
· "Being in love" is temporary. It's those damn endorfines in your body. Get rid of it very quickly. However love is real and will stay forever. Love for the planet. Love for a person. Love for living. Being in love is nothing compared to real love. Do you know there are cases of people constantly falling in love because of a drug they're using. I'm not talking about XTC but drugs actually making people fall in love constantly.

Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.

- Roosevelt
Nov 8, 2000
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Jun 4, 2002
Imperatriz, Maranhão, Brazil
Great post stockholder!

Liked the part about showing your feelings with actions...not words.

I used to have the idea that even though I am a pretty unemotional person...I had to try to tell others how I felt.

That was messed up as it made me look like a wuss. =-)

The other part about standing up for yourself and opinions is great!


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Dec 13, 2015
Diggin´ up something really old, but i got some questions/thoughts to this one.

About talking about your emotions:
I don´t completely agree, that you shouldn´t talk to anyone about this. At least i had some phase in my life, where i couldn´t tell where a lot of my feelings, fears and **** came from. Talked a lot with close family and good friends about deep thoughts and feelings, which helped me a lot. With my reflection alone, i wouldn´t have been able to figure it out. I don´t say that other people can exactly tell what´s happening with you, but in my opinion, they can help you by having a more or less objective view and sharing some of their experiences too. It´s part of sharing life.

Getting rid of being in love:
Sure, that it´s not the same as real love, but can´t we enjoy the time filled with endorphins? For me (just had it once till now in my life, so i´m not that expert), it actually showed me, how passionate i can be and not only in respect to one girl.

Arguing with your parents:
If they tell you something, that really goes against the things you believe profoundly, why not argue with your parents. You don´t have to fight enormously with them, but in some parts of life, you develop different views than your parents and thats completely ok.

Would be interesting to hear some counterarguments to that...