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Excellent example of social conditioning - and defiance thereof


Master Don Juan
Oct 23, 2007
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This clip shows two high school seniors being sent to the principal's office for "dirty dancing", aka grinding on girls at a school dance.

Although I don't think grinding is much of a "dance" as it is an escalation tool, a good clip on how social conditioning is found in high schools, and why guys that aren't as defiant as these two can easily become AFC's.


Master Don Juan
Jun 20, 2009
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social conditioning is good . Man was told to have dominion over the earth (along with women) not over each other or women.Theres no denying that society is warped but its because we are losing our values. Watch the movie Love hapens and you will see what little is left of how an ideal courtsing relationship between a man and woman should be. It stars aaron eckhaart (harvey dent from dark knight) and jennifer aniston.

Those kids are meant to be corrected because its grinding that causes premarital sex, stds And unwanted pregnancies. God save America


Senior Don Juan
Nov 12, 2004
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It's unleashing animalistic instincts that cause "sex".

Unwanted pregnancy? Stds? Before you put the head in you should be aware of the possible outcomes.

Yaboi. Here's a question for you.

If a woman feels that she is "hitting the wall" and wants to settle down and does so with an AFC provider. They get married within a year after meeting. Do you feel that they have the right to have sex based on this scenario?


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Alex DeLarge

Master Don Juan
May 26, 2011
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Lol, what a lame ass principal. I can see where you're coming from with conditioning someone into a "nice guy" but it seems like these kids just kind of made a joke out of the principal.

On another hand, it's the principal's job to make sure what's going on in his school is okay with the majority of parents whose kids are enrolled at that school. The principal could possibly not really give a sh1t and think it's okay.. But if he acts that way, then it could be at the cost of his job.

Parents really need to just talk openly about sex with their kids more so that stupid sh1t like this doesn't have to happen. I remember my dad gave me a pack of condoms on prom night back in high school and said to me "Don't knock that ch1ck up!" Lol.. Too bad I was so AFC I wasn't even thinking about doing that.