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Evolution Of "Game" Prosperity...or "No Game At All"

Young Stallion

Don Juan
Sep 17, 2004
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This I believe is the evolution of what a beginner goes through until they truly become great with women and people in general.

My title will become clear as you read further.

1. You are a beginner, chances are you are not confident, have had alot of rejection in your life and are now insecure. This insecurity turns you into a nice guy because the basis of your present actions are based on your past.

2. You start reading the internet and learn about this phenomenon called "Jerks" vs "Nice Guys" You read all the dating material you can possibly find and eventually stumble on David D'Angelo's Double Your Dating.

3. You read this with immense anticipation as well as all the other articles you can find, you start to hate it when you read advice from women because they preach play nice when your life and what you read tells you to play bad.

4. You learn about game and being a badboy and start posting on forums, perhaps its Sosuave, perhaps its Askmen...you like Sosuave alot more though because you were intrigued by the DJ Bible and did not like all the women posting on askmen telling you to confess your feelings.

5. You start to practice theory on women and fail miserabley, some people think your creepy, some people think you are a poser...but you keep doing it because practice makes permanent....errrr perfect.

6. You start to obsess about the nice guy vs jerk phenomenon and notice that most jerks are also well built and put together...in fact some of the jerks arent jerks at all, just real men.

7. You hit the gym and work out and get bigger and stronger...you like the new physical you but something is missing. Sure you get more attention from women, but you are friendzoned alot because of your actions. More research needed.

8. You start to question yourself as a man and start to read books about what it means to be a man, perhaps you read "Alpha Confidence" and it opens your eyes.

9. You practice on more women, eventually you start to see results because you now have a physical presence and also have learned through your readings that women like outgoing guys who tease them all the time who are also laid back and confident.

10. The more you learn, the more you learn that "game" is for people who are starting out and need....well confidence and "game", you recognize "game" is a crutch until you get to where you are eventually headed.

11. You start to notice that alot of these "Jerks" out there are not really "jerks", but real men who look the part and act the part and know how to deal with people....people skills!

12. You begin reading books on people skills, while maintainig your working out and perhaps even start tanning. You become a connessoure of books like Ultimate Leadership, Executive Charisma, Supreme Confidence, The Art Of War, Body Language books, How To Win Friends and Influence People The Power Within and other books that teach you how to read people, motivate people and make people want to be around you.

13. You start to learn that women want men who make them feel good about themselves, not through beta male acts like flowers and all of that, but through joking around with them, being confident enough to know what to say and how to say it.

14. Eventually you want your personality to get to a point where "game" and "rules" are none existant and you can stand on your own two feet as the charismatic, confident man you are and have learned to be. You realize that corny pickup lines and game have a time and a place, but your physical self and personality self are now to a point where you do not need to rely on these cruches anymore.

15. The core fundamentals of your personality should eventually develop to a point where you are not doing this for girls, your actions are you in every action you take during every day of your life.

16. You feel that you now know how to pick women who will be attracted to you and you know exactly how to treat them in a way that will make them want you back. You can do this without even thinking now, it just happens and when you feel like talking to a girl, you just do it because that is just who you are.

I believe that this is the timeline of what a person goes through on their quest to better themselves with women and people in general.

For some people it does not take that long, for me it took about 9 years to get to where I am at now.

Let me know what you think.


Don Juan
Feb 6, 2012
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lol every thing u said was true every single one especially the stumbling into david dangelo double your dating


Don Juan
Nov 1, 2011
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oh wow this is so true.
I feel like I'm currently on the 13th. I have come a long way from pure innocent feminist mangina/afc since November 2011.

I couldn't agree more with what you said... first I though I would be doing this to get girls but now I do it pretty much for self improvement and development.

I still have some issues at escalating but I'll just have to keep practicing.


Master Don Juan
Aug 26, 2004
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Los Angeles, SFV
I think 15 and 16 are much more complex than you state, and go beyond just being able to attract women and get something fun or meaningful out of them.

You then think about "what next?" And about how your silly monkey sex urge can take you away from doing things that were more productive to your life in the long run. All the money you spent practicing and drinking in bars, buying clothes you don't care for anymore, experimenting and examining yourself, your motives, your desires... Yet never being able to shake the never ceasing desire for sexual conquest.

It's fun, it's exciting... But it's also pointless. Smoke some strong weed, have people close to you die or go to prison, really appreciate other things in life and it gets hazy. It seems like a frantic chase with no light at the end of the tunnel, just new clothes or a different hair style, maybe a new bar or a funny night with some cool and interesting people if you're lucky.

Then you end up stuck in some sort of other frustration, with regrets about other things, because of how obsessed you've been with something so fleeting.

I don't even know how many women I've been with at this point. I end up caring after not, and then losing my patience with myself because I don't even know why I bother any more. Why can't I just not fall victim to my own sexual desires and not go out and talk to more women? Even if I do have sex, and I don't always, they're only an after-thought post-orgasm and a hangover the next morning.

Love's Orphan

Don Juan
Jan 31, 2012
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I agree. I remember when I came across this forum and doc love's dictionary. At the beginning I didnt believe since I was the guy telling my successful friends how could they be such jerks to women etc. I read and decided to change my point of view, to give it a try.

Slowly, I found out that I had no self esteem. I was the guy who could see when a chick liked a friend by observing the body language. But it didnt "work" on me. Progress came slowly and without the need of PUA or going out to clubs every weekend or pursuing them, you work on your body and it will attract them. Then all you do is take what you want. Hell, supermarkets are filled with women.

And like the OP said, those arent jerks. There are no nice guys or jerks; it is being a man and not being a man. There is no game, this is all life.


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Kenny Powers

Senior Don Juan
Nov 1, 2010
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wow i skipped a few steps but for the most part this is pretty damn accurate. I still need to work on my approach skills when im not buzzed or drunk, but for the most part ive found since Ive begun improving my physique, style, social skills, confidence, and ability to just act like a man in genral girls have been responding more positively to me. In fact people in general just seem easier to talk to. Its great!

My mom always used the term "well adjusted" to describe me because shes awesome and has always helped me be a confident person, but for the first time im really starting to feel that way. I'm increasing my awareness of the world around me and learning how to succeed in it. Im always eager to learn more and challenge and improve myself.

Having game can help you get girls, being a well-rounded alpha man will help you get girls and succeed in life. That's the main thing I've gotten from this site. I dont know how i would have ended up without sosuave and am incredibly grateful i found it.