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Eating carbs + fat = weight gain?


Master Don Juan
May 25, 2008
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Quiksilver said:
Please cite your sources for this intruiging information on hormonal response.

Are you saying that if my metabolic rate is 2000 cals a day and i consume 1800 cals a day of sugar/fried food/ice cream/burgers, that I'll gain weight?
I'm saying it will be impossible. It doesn't matter what your metabolic rate is, the insulin spiked play a rollercoaster with your hunger and energy levels causing you to go from happy and content, to slow and lethargic, to incredibly hungry like you're eating chinese food all day. Try and control that. Even if you can, is it worth it to spend the time and energy or do something more productive. Put down the twinkies.

Why does the insulin spike? Mostly carbohydrates, **** carbohydrates. Sugar and white bread are the highest on the glycemic index.

Do you need sources on this? I assume you know the role of insulin, and what the glycemic index is. If you don't I'll provide sources.


Master Don Juan
Sep 21, 2009
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Good luck with your methods then is all I can say to you. What was/is your bodyfat percentage?
Right now I'm at about 11-12%, trying to bottom out at 8%. Started that cut at 15-16% probably.