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Docs - The Newbie's first step to the rest of their life. [Part II out of II]


Jul 27, 2005
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Kingston, Can-a-duh
"I'm awake, and I've thought of everything you've said and I think I have a plan to get her and to be successful! Thank you so much!"
Wait! To leave now gives you no better of a chance. You did not think properly enough. It is not about THIS girl, this is about you. What are your dreams?
Alright, did you plan on a way to make them come true?
Alas! A typical answer to just a simple question.
"What do you mean?"
You've thought about your life, your future, that I can see. To plan it out though, you have not found yet.

I shall now give you some stones.
Determination and Passion
Inner Strength and Confidence
Desire and Life

"Those aren't stones, they are just words."

For life to become what you want, you must place the stones that you shall walk on. You must remember that nothing will push you off, for on both sides lie the waters of despair!

Yes, it would seem that they are just words. But words transform into power and knowledge. Language gives us the power to express everything within us and allow ourselves to partake in our actions. Even when we could not speak, when we had no words, there were actions. By waving your hand, in daily life, that means hello. It also shows openness, having a nice nature and un-afraid to make movement.
"What about giving someone the finger?"
You tell me, we both know what it MEANS, but what does it show?
"Ahh....I see...literally."

Here is another stone.
For my thoughts to mean anything, I must act as such. To think something gets you nowhere. To say something shows desire. To do something about it shows confidence.

"What does that mean?"
You are the perfect example!
"Who..? Me? What are you talking about?"
You have thought about your dreams and what you want. You have spoken those desires to me. But you have yet to make it happen for yourself.
"But it's so much work!"
Would I be telling you all of this if it wasn't worth it to obtain your dreams?
"I guess, you are writing a lot. But I really want ____"
Then on we go. :)


Work now, play later. Play now, Pay Later

You have two choices. You can play games, talk on the phone and shoot the sh*t and finally corner yourself into doing something, or you can develop your life and play as you go.
"What do you mean entirely?"
Instead of sitting there doing nothing, even right now you are learning of how to shape your life. You have the right attitude, ask questions and they shall be answered somehow!
"Alright, so about this girl still..."
Shhhh! I like to hear questions, but I must tell you this too. Understand something about the theory before you ask about it
"There's a theory to asking questions?"
Not exactly. For you to ask a question, you must know something of it. You begin to talk about how you are in love with her, and your one and only question at the end is, "What's wrong?".
Yes, but you know nothing of what you could be doing wrong. You say all of these actions and thoughts, but you know not yet of the consequence of it all.
"So I'm doing something wrong then?"
In a way. Has her reaction been what you expected?
"No...not really"
It is time for some useful tidbits.

- When a girls says that she wants personality in a guy, she means something more then your lifeless a$$. She wants someone to lead her on the edge, experience the new. Sitting there wondering about her isn't going to get her.
- To be just friends with a girl is being the boyfriend without the girlfriend.
- You will fail, repeatly. Not one single person you meet has had a flawless record with life, so don't expect candies and apples.
- Learn and adpat.
- Open your mind to new ways of thinking, new ways of doing something.
- There are infinite amounts of ways to meet girls.
- Being different sounds so unordinary. Stupidly enough, different raises eyebrows.
- Believe in yourself, noone else will if you've given up.
- There's a thin line between common sense and utter stupidity.
- Do what you feel is best. ie) Don't give in with nothing.
- Absorb, understand and apply.

"There's millions of quotes like that!"
I know :). I pointed those out because they apply. Not just for girls, but your quality of life in general. They are scattered all over this forum.
"So everyone has a tip to say."
Yep, and some are good, some are bad, some don't apply, some do.
"Take it with a grain of salt!"
Indeed. I will now continue on.
"To what?"
You! I will make you not only better at getting girls, but also at obtaining your eventual goals!
"Let's go then!"


Can you tell me the four stones I have given you?

"Determination and Passion
Inner Strength and Confidence
Desire and Life
For my thoughts to mean anything, I must act as such. To think something gets you nowhere. To say something shows desire. To do something about it shows confidence.

Excellent. I would have copied and pasted it too.
Don't worry about it. It is time to learn.

*--Determination and Passion.--*

This is number one. Even before you meet people, you should have a passion for something. Whether it's art, music, sports, learning, reading, a Don Juan puts this first.

Be passionate about what you do and do it well. Indulge yourself in hobbies and work. This passion should give you confidence and joy. Love what you do so much that nothing else matters.
.....Never lose your passion! That would be the death of your soul.
- Unknown
*--Inner Strength and Confidence--*
Believe in yourself. To have inner strength is having the will to do what you want to do when it needs to be done. Having Confidence is having the physical interaction to command this will against your fears with no reluctance.

I'm sure you're familar with the Nike slogan?
"Just do it?"
Exactly. To put it simply, if you want it that bad, do something about it.

(and that is the shortest definition of Confidence :))

*--Desire and Life--*
tr.v. de·sired, de·sir·ing, de·sires
1. To wish or long for; want.
2. To express a wish for; request.

Desire not only means the textbook definition above, but to desire is a wish, a want. You achieve your desire by going for it. Fail as you might, you will still desire.

Having life, means that you accept your faults, your shortcomings, your history and your failures. From that, you become a better person and eventually achieve desire though self-learning and confident attempts.

*--To think something gets you nowhere. To say something shows desire. To do something about it shows confidence.--*
All in one! The 3 stones make up this!

"Wow! I feel so energized with this knowledge!"
The power! :D But..this is our goodbye.
"But...you have taught me so much, I cannot possibly let you leave without learning more, or at least repaying you."
If I was to stay with you, I would have every single person asking. Clearly this is not ideal for me or you. For you to develop, improve and succeed, you must gain multiple views, absorb so much more knowledge and apply it. I cannot help you with any of these. My job for now is done.
"I understand. One last thing."
"What do I do about the girl I like."
Be a sponge, absorb information (lots of it). Then examine yourself with this information. Not only do you figure out what to do, but KNOW what you were doing incorrectly.
"Ahh! I would be still typing up that post without you! Goodbye!!"

I leave with last words to you. Take every thread and post with a grain of salt. Not everyone speaks of experience, less speak with wisdom. Do not bash fellow friends for speaking their mind, rather offer something to help them. Read and absorb as much as you can, apply it and learn. You must become ever-improving, developing your own lifestyle and ways of handling everything, from girls to your job to life. It is when you are truly happy that you can say you are a true Don Juan, for to enjoy life to it's fulliest with everything you have dreamt of getting, knowing that you have encountered the good with the bad, is the ultimate success in your life.



Senior Don Juan
Feb 4, 2005
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I believe it's called living ;)

great post though. helps to inspire and is direct enough to hit key points.


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New Member
Jul 31, 2006
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*rubs eyes* Wow, i love you too?

Haha, nah im kidding thanks alot though you have truely inspired me for more. "'What about that girl i like'" i dont like a girl but im gunna go find one :)


Don Juan
Nov 30, 2005
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here it goes......im gonna pownz some people.......thanks much for the inspiration


Master Don Juan
Feb 12, 2007
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Un-fcuking believable. Docs, you should win medals for the things you do.


Master Don Juan
Mar 26, 2008
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teh time when i was just struggling with my self esteem, i was told at the forum to read the djb and i got to u.... man, across seven seas though, i must say, u ROCK! keep posting and please do keep posting..... u sound more of a don juan than a playa'... that i do like, mate.


New Member
May 16, 2020
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Reading it in 2020, and wow what a post! Came here from the DJ Bible series


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Master Don Juan
Aug 17, 2017
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If I'm gonna read a wall of text I need coherence and literary flow, sorry.