Doc Love is a fvcking phaggot


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Mar 23, 2018
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I hate Doc Love's "one chance per girl per lifetime." That old fvck is trying to tell me that if I fvcked up once, it's over forever. Fvck that shyt. And corey wayne, don't label my behavior weak you bald phaggot. You don't know me, you don't know what goes through my head that causes me to make mistakes.
If you continue to let your emotions control you, you are going to cause yourself a lifetime of self-inflicted torture. You have the ability to control your emotions and until you get a hold on that, you will never succeed with women, career, and everything else in life.

Doc love, Corey Wayne, and the girl at your school are not the source of your problems. Your internal mindset is the source. You are simply reacting to external things that are triggering the things in your mindset you must fix to move forward and be happy and successful.

If you were overweight and the doctor told you that you would develop diabetes unless you changed your diet and started exercising, and you didn't want to do those things, would you lash out at the doctor and blame him in anger for the reality of the situation you are in?

You may not like the truth or reality, but that doesn't mean it's wrong. Nor does it mean the person who told you about the reality should be blamed.

Meditation, and regular sessions with a counselor/therapist are two things that could really help you move past these issues and become a happy and fulfilled person. It is completely in your control.

Dash Riprock

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Sep 16, 2005
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Ok so you believe that "if a woman's interest level falls below 51%, it's over forever." I'm gonna have a party the day I find out Doc Love has cancer.
Yeah, pretty much. Because if her interest level is 50% with you it's probably much higher with 10 other guys. The problem isn't Doc Love but in how you (poorly) executed his ideas. The biggest one, imo, being (Self) Control. Re-read your whiny posts. Have to man-up, bud.

No offense OP, but you're acting like a little b*itch. Even if you're a young guy, learn from this, grow a pair, get tough, and get better. We've all been there.

Took me years to master DJ principles. To this day I need to practice regularly to keep my game tight.

There ARE other women.

Good luck.