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Do you think women who dress provacatively try to cover up when a low-tier male is nearby, as they are dressing only to benefit high-tier males?


Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2006
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I was reading this:
I was going to my doctors for a routine blood test (taking thyroid replacement) the femoid working at the front, lead me to his office. She was wearing grey leggings totally revealing her ass curves with a damn wedgie. As I followed her she put her hands behind her ass and locked fingers to cover her ass as she walked me to the room

Like no, I am not allowed to look at her ass that she’s showing off to attractive guys. Despite the fact she had the pants up her ass. Femoid be like “Omg my ass is in view of this loser!! Must block his view!”
If it was chad she would have stuck her ass out further and “accidentally” dropped her pen to bend over.

What’s the point anyway? When I was actually having a half decent morning in an OK mood She just had to remind me I’m a reject and god forbid a beta sees her ass.


Master Don Juan
Nov 23, 2005
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Miami, FL
I suppose it happens but they dgaf really. You will see lots of females questionably dressed when you go out in public. They are relishing all the attention they get. They want to be approached by alpha chad sure, but every look their way is a small victory for their ego.

If they like a guy the sexuality definitely ramps up. I've had women obviously call attention to their assets when they liked me, pressed their tits into me etc. It's not a big deal, it's human nature.


Senior Don Juan
Jan 2, 2022
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Women do that to make you feel bad. They know they have certain body parts that when dressed a certain way will attract the male gaze. When the male looks they will act like they are good girls and you shouldnt be looking or see. It is just manipulation to put men down and make them feel like the prize.

This thing I have noticed with every type of girl. When out and about I see lots of girls with low-cut tops or exposed midrifts. I am quite good looking and I know women appreciate it in general when I look at them, just as I appreciate when a woman looks my way. When I am out and see these girls with low-cut tops or exposed midrifts, sometimes I just wanna quick look at the body part, I mean it is just a very brief look, and I am just walking or passing by so I dont expect them to notice much or even care. But everytime my eyes just glance at those bodyparts the woman notices and then she will cover up that bodypart with the jacket or hands or whatever.

This **** happens every ****ing time just like clockwork.

But check this it is even more telling. This girl and I had some chemistry that had built up over weeks and months but I had been playing coy. So one time me and her are talking and it is dark and nightime. I am focused on her eyes and face while talking and rest of her is outside of my consciousness. We are standing pretty close. Anyway, as I am focusing on the convo and looking at her face, I notice something move in my periphery vision, around her chest area, and it just bugs me. Ofcourse I dont wanna break eye contact and look at her chest cos its bad manners to look at a womans chest like that mid convo. But when you see something in your periphery it is hard to ignore.

So I told myself I am gonna break eye contact and just look left, in a straigh line and avoid her chest area. So I broke eye contact and moved my gaze left, but human instincts are such that if you see something in your periphery you kinda have to look, so even without me having control, my eyes darted down to her chest and back to the left. When I did that she took her jacket and folded it over her chest as if to say "you shouldnt be looking at my chest". The ****ed up thing is she engineered this whole situation. When I was looking at her face and talking, she deliberately stuck out her chest just to try and break my self-control like some little game. Then why I looked she had the audacity to act like I am bad guy by closing her jacket over her chest.

This same girl tried this with me again of pushing her chest out to get my attention another time and that time I saw the whole move and then it all made sense.

Be wary of women gaming you by crossing their jacket over their chest or anything similar cos they just want to have that power of maniplation over you where you feel bad for looking but really they are engineering the whole situation to have power over you.