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Master Don Juan
Jun 23, 2002
Hermosa Beach, CA
So you think you know how to wing...
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From: The_One
Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 08:11 PM
Wing Rules 1
I wrote these posts on Mystery’s lounge originally, but so many people, including TD, have told me to start cross posting them for the benefit of others out here.
It’s extremely difficult to find good wings. Firstly, you can’t really wing with people not in the community, and secondly, you can’t even wing effectively with many of the people in the community.
My sincere hope is that people can use these to benefit their game out there!
Here is the first “Wing Rules” post written October 2003:
What makes a great wingman????
This topic has been on my mind for the last few days so here is a short essay about it. Like to get feedback on your experience.
A great wingman can increase your game to a much higher level, while a bad
wingman cause a lot of crash and burns.
However, be advised that a great PUA does not automatically a great Wingman make.
There are guidelines and then there are tactics that are crucial to being a great wingman.
Rules and guidelines:
A. The most basic agreement: Your wingman is the coolest, funniest, most
interesting person around.
He does not really tell bad jokes, he is never boring, and he is always the
coolest guy around.
B. The second agreement: He who opens the set controls the set.
Your wingman opens a 2-set consisting of a 6 and 9. OK, Sherlock, take a wild guess as to which one his target is? Yes, the hotter girl.
The guy who opens the set controls the set. He is the one who put his balls on the line to approach and open the set. The first 30 to 45 seconds are the toughest parts of the set. The guy who opens is the one who at times fights the butterflies, weathers the storm and takes the heat.
He is also unlocking, teasing and negging the target HB in order to soften her up for the close or isolation. You coming in and going after the target would be equivalent of relieving your buddy in the 10th round of a boxing match after your buddy just softened up the opponent for 9 full rounds.
*****Calibrate, calibrate, calibrate:
Before entering the set that your pal just opened, calibrate to see where he is in the set.
Example: Are the girls locked up? You may have to go in with a false disqualifier to help him out.
Do not enter set blindly and start spitting routines. Calibrate before making your move.
Establish a system of communication and CALIBRATE.
If your wingman is in Rapport phase where is doing some fluff talk and
comfort building, realize it and back off. Going into the set and running
routines at this point is essentially ****blocking him. You might as well
be the ****ing "Drag-away" girl at this point.
One of my favorite all time wings is Dreamweaver [DW.]
DW and I have a system of communication. It's sort of like girl code,
except it's PUA code.
If DW rolls up, I'll introduce him, but then give him one of 3 different signs.
One of which mean that I am in Rapport Phase! I am comfort building. Don't come in
with mini-cold or ****y/funny routines. Calling the girls "Power-puff" at
this point is obstructive. (Never mind the fact that I may have already used
More on communication: DW and I run a lot of the same routines. We are running Tyler Durden’s version of the Mystery Method.
If he rolls up, I'll introduce the girls to him as "Hey, this one is my new little
sister, and I am marrying this one, blha, blah....."
Translation: Little Sister and Marriage frames/routines are burnt! Do
not use them!
*****Wingman Rapport:
Do not face girls standing side to side. Face your wingman. He is cooler than the chicks. As a matter of fact, they [Girls] should be attempting to break into your circle of fun, and becoming part of it.
DW and I run routines that we would not be able to do solo. When we bust on the girls (During attract phase), WE HIGH-FIVE Each other! Girls can see that we can have fun with or without them. In fact, such antics have prompted comments such as “You guys are having too much fun!”
*****Social proofing:
Social proof your wingman in front of his target. Tell stories about him which he cannot tell himself.
Let’s say your wing has a certain skill or certification (i.e Great Martial Artist, musician, real estate guru, certified hypnotist, whatever). He can’t really talk about it because it would be bragging or qualifying himself. It would make him look very AFC.
However, if you say it about him, it’s coming from a third party and it makes all the difference in the world. You can even take it a step further.
Here is something I do that you can use as well:
The following champions and lionizes your wingman exponentially.
If or When your wingman steps away for a minute, brag about him in a nonchalant way:
“Hey, did you guys know that my wingman is one of the best in such and such field? Don’t mention it in front of him (or don’t tell him I told you that.) He does not like to brag.”
“Did you know Mystery levitated over Niagara Falls? It was pretty awesome, etc, etc….Don’t tell him I told you about that. He doesn’t like bragging....”
Now, how ****ing cool is that?
Not only your wingman is so accomplished, but he is so damn cool, confident, secure, and modest that he would not like it mentioned!
Lastly, many a time, Wingmen behave similar to antibodies. For those who need to brush up on elementary biology: When foreign organisms enters the body, the body produces antibodies which attach themselves to these invaders and destroy them.
Great wingmen are like having these antibodies. They latch on to the obstacles and disarm them meanwhile giving you the opportunity to work on your target.
Follow these and Ye shall be a great wingman too, one day.


Master Don Juan
Jun 23, 2002
Hermosa Beach, CA
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From: The_One
Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 08:19 PM
This post was written beginning of February (couple weeks ago.)
It was inspired when I watched my Wing Playboy lose 2 girls because another PUA [A skilled PUA!] ruin the set.
Here is Wing Rules 2 as written originally:
A while back, I posted “Wing Rules,” which if I may say in all modesty, is one of the best posts I have read. It is practical advice for winging and following guidelines.
This weekend past, I had a long conversation with Playboy and I found it amazing that the sentiments he expressed echoed my own findings in the field.
The first “Wing Rules” dealt mostly with ATTRACTION PHASE scenarios.
This second addition is for RAPPORT PHASE. I write this post out of frustration. I find it frustrating how these mistakes are constantly made by some of the best PUAs out in the field. Sometimes a miscalculating wing is the worst ****-block on the planet.
You can befriend all the girls, you can befriend or AMOG the men. What do you do with a wing who actually means well???
You have befriended all the girls, and you are involved in the middle of playing solid game. This is the point where you envision a great “Pick-up” in process. (I use the word pick-up loosely here.) You have IOIs and you can just tell a venue change or an extremely solid number exchange is in order. Furthermore, you may even like the woman because she is cool to hang out with, and that my PUA pals, is a rare find.
Here comes your PUA pal to ruin it all....
******BE IN THE MOMENT, BE AWARE. Try to step out of your ****ing head:
I have constant experience in this from another area.
What do I mean by the being aware?
Stop thinking about what routine to run next, what DHV to do next, what games to play and what to utter so much.
Instead, lean back and observe what is happening around you. Your wing may be receiving major IOIs from one of the girls in the group. He needs to isolate and have a decent conversation with her. If you are too much in your head about what routine to run next, you will completely miss what is going on around in your current environment.
You are not a routine running machine. You are a human being with a brain....
Use it to calibrate.
***********Stimulus Kills rapport/seduction states*****
If your wing or a PUA pal is in rapport phase, do him a favor: Stay the **** away.
Do not provide stimulus that will distract the girl. This is a state killer. There is no other better way of saying it.
It’s like when TD talks about that “OutKast” song being played and the girls running to dance floor. In that case, that song is the stimulus that is the state killer.
Providing stimulus of any kind will force your wing’s girl out of Rapport and Seduction States.
*******Stop engaging the whole group in rapport phase******
This ties directly to providing stimulus.
If your wing is receiving IOIs from a girl, let him isolate. You engage the other(s) girls who interest you. Engaging the whole group is now destructive to the pick-up.
Your wing needs some quiet time. I saw Playboy lose 2 girls this past weekend because of this exact mistake in two different sets. The girl liked him a lot and he was trying to transition into rapport and isolation. The other PUA constantly ran attraction routines/stories for the whole group. The guy would not shut up.
Result: Blow out for everyone. Playboy is not able to isolate girl giving him IOIs.
Girls’ circuits are fried. They don’t have any comfort and this dancing monkey entertainment gets old eventually.
Lastly, once again, if your wing is cuddling with a girl or have a deep rapport conversation, stay the **** away. It’s advice any AFC would know, and yet most PUAs are blind to it.
Should you circle the bar and see your wing in rapport with a girl, social proof him and leave. You can say something light and cute, “Hey this guy is one of the coolest guys I know in this entire town. Just making sure he is happy. Keep him entertained. I’ll be back in a while, but when I get back, I want to see him smiling!”
The girl giggles, plays along and I leave. It’s that simple.
Real life example: This was the case last weekend at the Standard when I saw Playboy engaged in a 20 minute conversation in the patio area of the Standard. I said something that resembled the comments above and left.
Did he need me to stand there and run routines? No. Did he need me to stand there at all? No.
Obvious? Yes! Do most PUAs follow this guideline? No.
One thing is for sure: It’s very difficult to find good complete wings who can observe situations, calibrate, know when to step in and when to disappear, know when to social proof you, and also give you advice on how you could have improved something from a third person perspective.
The One
Ps. Nothing is theorized here. Everything is based on doing extensive amounts of sets, and massively field tested in all sorts of conditions.


Master Don Juan
Jun 23, 2002
Hermosa Beach, CA
This does not belong in the WingMan Forum or at least a copy should be moved to Tips / General Discussion.

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Master Don Juan
Feb 29, 2004
Baltimore, MD

After I get a drivers license I will need to to get a good wingman.


Master Don Juan
May 13, 2004
This is in a horrible format. I'm teaching a group of local guys how to wing and sarge, and I was hoping that this could be reported? Thank you.


Master Don Juan
Jan 22, 2005
A good wingman is like a good co-pilot:

-The two of you have good synergy (not conflicting personalities)
-He ALWAYS has your back
-He knows when to let you take the kill and when to back off
-He knows you guys are a TEAM; you are not competing
-He has a similar level of exp/knowledge to you
-A good wingman will NEVER c0ckblock, unless you are so drunk that you are about to take home a swamper!

-Most importantly, the two of you have A GOOD TIME, whether you score or not.