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Decent facebook Gaming *example*


Don Juan
Oct 11, 2012
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Well in my last post I talked about this girl ive never met before but she lives in my city. She is on facebook so i decided to hit her up on there since recently she gave me a nice rating, this is how the conversation went.

Me: Hey, do I know you?
Her: Noo lol:) but its nice to meet you now
Me: yeah.. we can work on that, lol i always seen you on my feed but ive never actually seen you.
Her: lol well i live in [insert small town here] so im shocked
Me: haha oh really? i was starting to think you didnt lol
Her: lol nope i do :) well we should hang some time u seem chill
Me: hmm i was thinking the same thing :)
Five minutes of rambling later
Me: Yeah haha but hey let me get your number ill hit you up.
if i get a chance ill hit you up later, im about to go to a friends house.
ok bye lol have fun

Now honestly i think i played that one pretty decently i didnt go straight for a cheesy compliment yet i let her know i was interested.

picture btw :up:

EDIT ^ MY PHOTO for those who wanted to see
So what do you guys think i could've done better and some things i did good give me some feedback fellas
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Aug 15, 2012
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good job, but in my opinion what is more important than what you typed to her and her picture (shes cute).. is YOUR PICTURE and it looks like you have that taken care of. because if you dont look cool, this doesn't have the slightly chance at happening. hopefully u do meet up!


Master Don Juan
Jan 4, 2012
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Ask her if she is in the 50 shades of grey fanclub and escalatefrom 0 to her begging you to come fvck her in an hour...


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