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Dark Triad - it's what they want


Don Juan
Oct 3, 2020
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RedPill is the core, wrapped in up in bit of cultivated/fake BluePill to make one seem attainable (Wolf in Sheep's clothing)

Most DJ's have it in reverse - they are Pandas in leather jackets (RedPill fake outer to achieve BluePill core goals).
Legendary comment on here because its so true.


Master Don Juan
Apr 18, 2018
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So Cal
Most DJ's have it in reverse - they are Pandas in leather jackets (RedPill fake outer to achieve BluePill core goals).
Haha funny comment. It’s true though

I agree with a lot of your OP and subsequent posts. But I think there are greater nuances at play and a lot of human aspect of attachment missing throughout. I don’t think everything needs to be Machiavellian by any means. But I do think the initial phase of attraction will be stronger and more enticing for a woman with LMS involved to varying degrees. And that will potentially bond her deeper to you, as she would have to ‘work’ more for you. And whatever we struggle for in life we tend to value more.

There are phases to relationships. And the notion that one has to manipulate or have some sort of status to achieve someone else’s affections are building the foundation for a later collapse, as it’s not genuine to that individual who doesn’t already possess those qualities.
LMS will influence 9/10 people any day, as it is what is held of value in our society. So of course anyone is going to be drawn to that over someone who is scarce in those areas. But with determining the quality of closeness and bond, they are merely just things to keep a person suckling at the teet for however long that woman is thirsty. She was drawn in for shallow purposes. Showing vulnerabilities, failures, emotional wounds are all huge ways of attaching to another and what usually make one stick around. As with mates we take on their hurts as our own. This is where trust is built.
I don’t think developing a skill of manipulation will lead to personal power and the happiness of self, or relationship, as it’s intrinsically dishonest and destructive in a way. Dark triad is a breeding ground for people to cultivate their inner sociopath so as to obtain power and control. The whole strategy was a development for the political game. But relationships aren’t political.

I also don’t think one should be red pill and mask themselves as something else. You should just believe what you believe and own it. That’s why broke guys can still pull lots of women. Honesty is a very powerful tool. Manipulation.. eventually you’ll get found out. And you get caught? Try to obtain someone’s trust again. Especially a woman’s..

I think the only thing which many men have to work on, in the realm of relationships, is understanding that your sweet ideas of love, which have been long-held, are damaging to your own self because women don’t ‘love’ like that. And that view was only cultivated for women in the first place. And you’re more likely to dilute and distort reality for something than it otherwise is.

oOh Nasty

Master Don Juan
Apr 23, 2002
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Basically, stop giving a f*ck about trying to show "who you are" when it comes to improving your SMV.

Focus on:
Looks, Money, Status
All that extra stuff about being accepted for your poetry or cooking skills can come later after you've made her come from the thought of your Dark Triad qualities.