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Cool Guy Lesson #1

h a r d a s s

Don Juan
May 25, 2004
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Let’s be honest, what you really want is to be wanted. You want people to like you, accept you, and think that you’re a really cool person. So how do you make the most normal person in your life, the coolest most likable person in town? Well people’s ideas of what is cool often never coincide, and people who are cool are not any one particular way. Sorry ****y+Funny enthusiasts, there’s more to it. The biggest commonality we find in cool guys (besides always getting the girls) is that they are in fact cool and so people will constantly remind them how cool they are. This doesn’t seem like much, but that’s really all that’s needed. If everyone told you you were cool, you’d eventually believe them. Once you genuinely believe that you are cool, most everyone will also think you are cool. This explains why you might be cool at your house or with your friends, you genuinely think of yourself as cool there and so you are, but then you go somewhere else, a party, and all of a sudden you’re not cool, even though your real personality did not change at all. Maybe you will say, “Well maybe that’s just because you friends and family really aren’t cool and so cool to them isn’t cool to really cool people.” Well that’s just a bold face lie. The problem still remains though, you don’t believe you are cool, and people aren’t helping by reminding you. Here are a few things that do not actually define cool (because as long as you think you’re a loser or a nobody or average, you will remain that way) but can help you to believe that you are cool and maybe get some more people to remind you that you are.

You don’t actually have to look good, but people have to know you take pride in your looks and you’re not in any way ashamed of your looks.

Center of Attention
You enjoy the spotlight, and know that your life, experiences, and opinions really do matter. Even on topics like the coolest hair-metal band of the 80’s that never got its due credit.

Hang-out with Good-Looking People
This should probably be titled hang out with cool people, because it establishes that you are cool and a certain cool attitude will rub off on you, BUT even something as small as hanging out with a good-looking girl and a good-looking friend will make people think that you are cool.

Good Reputation
A good reputation can make excuses to all the rules. People will go against their own judgment for the sake of a reputation 9 out of 10 times. Think of any girl you liked, if she had a good reputation you probably pursued her or at least wished you had, if she had a bad reputation, even if she seemed nice and pretty, you probably ran away at a speed in direct proportion to how bad her reputation was.

When in doubt refer to the DJ Cliché for the ages: “As you think, you shall become!”


Master Don Juan
Dec 12, 2005
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Originally posted by h a r d a s s
The biggest commonality we find in cool guys (besides always getting the girls)

Nice post (though it's not complete), but I have to drop a comment about this: I know lots of cool people who I've never seen with a woman (I'm not saying they are not good with ladies, I just don't know about it and still perceive them as cool) and I know lots of guys who are surrounded by the pùssy, yet they are uncool. This can be either because they are really good-looking or good with women, but lack in confidence and personality.



Master Don Juan
Nov 2, 2005
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it's weird because people assume that i am 'cool' and
want to hang out with me, but when i am standoffish
or don't understand that i am aloof because i just am
and that it's NOT just a front -they either become
disilllusioned or the funnier thing ..is that sometimes they
start to 'mimic' me.
That's even more annoying...

i notice that the difference between 'cool' and 'uncool'
is how it's sub-communicated. When i go anywhere
and i notice the presence of other guys or a group
of guys-that i would assume were the 'dominant males',
i always make a concious effort to acknowledge
them in a way. Either by a simple nod of reconition
or a simple 'whats up' to the one i would guess is 'in
charge' or the leader of the group -and then just
go about my buisness.

This does not sub-communicate inferiority or domination
but it sub-communicates that we are on the 'same level' and
i respect their boundaries and that there is no problem.
This happens on a very very subtle level.

The secret i guess of being one of the 'cool guys' in the
first place is to 'associate' yourself as being one of them.
If you associate yourself with losers you'll be precieved
and sub-conciously relate to them..but on the other hand
if you associate yourself with the alphas/dominant males
both through reconition and acknowledgement of them
in public-it automaticly puts you on the same level as them,
not above, not below.But on the same level..

If i ever was to see Diddy or 50 cent, i would do the same-
where most would become star struck and go crazy and jump
on their nuts, i'd simply give em a nod of reconition or a simple
complement. Just like how i would to anyone else i didn't
know but still respected.

We all want to be acknowledged, when we give just
that little bit of acknowledgement and get it back
- it defuses that little bit of defensiveness we have in public.
Much like how a little glare from (mad dogging)someone you
don't know makes your blood boil sometimes.
It may not make alot of sense but those little gesters mean

h a r d a s s

Don Juan
May 25, 2004
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I definetly agree with you, cool guys aren't necessarily always with girls and uncool guys aren't necessarily never with girls. I was just saying, and it wasn't even really the point, but i usually see the "cooler" guys getting the girl they want in the end.


That's interesting, i definetly see how that would work, but i think it goes along with what i was saying too, because you know you aren't below anyone else... you know your cool and thats why it's natural for you to make those gestures towards other cool people.

When you get down to it, cool is a fooking ridiculous concept anyway. Of course anyone could have it.

h a r d a s s

Don Juan
May 25, 2004
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Lesson #2

Why I am the coolest mofo around.

I am never needy of attention or approval.
I don’t let people disrespect me, but I also respect everyone else.
I’m super laid back chilled the **** out.
Don’t judge and don’t hate.
I’m confident and comfortable in most every situation.
I’m good-looking and funny.
I’m good at a lot of things (basketball, writing, drawing, guitar)
I know my **** and I got everything together.

Cool Guy Lesson #2
Cool guys know why they are cool; there are a million different things that could make you cool. Make a list and remind yourself of all the reasons you’re cool.


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