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Conquering male emotions


Don Juan
Mar 15, 2003
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I posted something about this once, I asked for advice as well. I was unhappy that in social situations it felt like I was emotionally reacting as though I was playing a part. If somebody was trying to be funny I would smile, if somebody was acting in one way I would unconsciously react in someway. That sucks I tell you.

But now it is not bad. First thing first, I learned that there is no easy way to control emotions. It just takes to much work, and it is stressful. Instead of having that gut reaction and trying to hide it, I learned that you just have to stop reacting. If you want stop laughing or smiling you have to decide that you don't want to laugh or smile. You can't make other people not be funny, they will still say stuff, and that stuff may be funny, but you don't always have to react. If you don't want to cry over some sad movie, you have to stop thinking that it is sad.

How to do this? Just get over it, don't resist, if you mess up, don't dwell on it, it won't kill you, but take control of your thoughts. Stop thinking that everything is sad or funny or scary or fearsome, and you will find that there is nothing to hold you back. I would recommend Zen, as good practice, but if you don't like the religious sound to that, just realize when you think about being afraid, you are going to feel like sh!t.

People, myself in the past included, tried to find some magical way to control my emotions, while I refused to change how I reacted to the world. I wanted to hide my emotions, not realize that they were all an illusion.

People say emotion is the best thing about being human, blah, blah, blah. To that I say, look at the Ideal Man, he calls no one his master. Why should man spend his days searching for a little emotional high? I have felt that elation, and I think you will agree with me that they never last. Why spend so much time pursuing them? So I can spend ten years of my life at a dead end job, to get the fleeting satisfaction of a house with a white picket fence. People then say to me that people should follow their passion but, for what? I say follow your passion but don't do it for that scrap of elation you feel when you write that good peace of music, soop-up that old car or get the stripper. Every moment is the only goal. If we can just find that one thing, fufill this one goal, have this one thing happen, everything will be alright? Wrong. Don't trust me, look at your own past, those goals you had, they seemed so great, if you reached them you know that it didn't last long.

If anybody is interested do a search on my nick, and a plethora of posts can be found that point to the truth. I am still offering, as I was in the past.