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Don Juan
Dec 28, 2001
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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Think of a company not doing very well in selling its product. A quick analysis might reveal that the economy is not doing so well or the selling techniques are not up to speed.

However, a deeper analysis might reveal that it is the salesman that is the root of the problem. Think about it, who would you buy a product from? A guy who believes 100% that his product will deliver? or from a salesman who does not believe in his product?

A company that sells lots is one who is confident in their belief that their product will meet the client's needs.

As a company, how do you make the sales force believe in their product?

The salesmen must first UNDERSTAND the product - what it can do, what it can't do, how it behaves under circumstances, what the product's main purpose is. Only then would the salesman be confident in selling the product.

This is the same as what us DJs are doing here. We are selling ourselves. Some not so great. That prompts us to do a quick analysis and we find that perhaps it is the chicks' problem (boyfriend, not in the mood etc) or that our approach is not up to speed.

But in order for us to be a great DJ, we must believe in ourselves. No chicks will give you the time of day if you don't have confidence in yourself. Chicks can sense fear, desperate people - the same way you can sense a salesman who is not confident. On the other hand, chicks can sense confidence, conviction and determination from a guy.

How do we get confidence, conviction and determination?

We don't get confidence from material things. Most people in this world base their confidence on material things.

The high school QB might seem confident - but in reality he is basing his confidence on his ability to win games. Thus when his performance declines, so does his confidence.

The AFC bases his confidence on his ability on getting a chick. That's why his confidence is so low because there are many rejections built into the game of seduction.

So my point is, don't allow ourselves to draw confidence on material and other things that IS DETERMINED BY OTHER PEOPLE.

So if we don't base our confidence on such things, what do we base our confidence on?

I think we should base our confidence on values and principles. When we base our confidence on principles and vales, our confidence does not take a dive when we lose a game. Nor does it affect us when some girl rejects us.

Our confidence will only dive when we fail to live up to our values. Think about how confident you can be - nothing can defeat us except when we CHOOSE to - by not living by our values.

How do you know what values you hold? Easy, according to "Seven Habits of Highly Efficient People". Just imagine yourself at your own funeral. What will you want your friends to say? What will you want your workmates to say? What would you want your family to say?

Once you have determined your values, you must live by it and let nothing stops you being the man that you want to be. Once you have that mentality, you have conviction and determination.

Once you have the three, you are a man and a true DJ (if you want to be because chicks are not the number one thing in life).


Don Juan
Apr 29, 2006
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ninja said:
The AFC bases his confidence on his ability on getting a chick. That's why his confidence is so low because there are many rejections built into the game of seduction.
It's also a vicious cycle which is why logically, one should never get confidence from the girl, but from internal values instead.