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Confidence in Women


Master Don Juan
Aug 6, 2009
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Rant to follow:

I understand that confidence is attractive in a man. A man needs confidence because he is the straw that stirs the drink and needs to be ready to act decisively whenever possible. But I look around the internet and see a lot of guys talk about what they find attractive in women and what do I hear the most? You guessed it, confidence. Frankly, I don't get it.

What is so inheritently attractive about confidence in women? Do you really care if the hot chick you're out with is confident, as long as she's nice, good looking, and not a nut case? I understand you don't want her to be INSECURE, because that can be the breeding ground for all sorts of unpleasant behaviors - so she has to have some level of confidence.

But to consistently see confidence brought up as the top attractive attribute in women baffles me. Most women are probably TOO confident, they think too much of themselves. If they're too confident they will think they can do better than you. Are they confident because they have eight other guys banging on her door lining up to give her diseases? Diseases that she can pass on to you? Does that somehow make her more attractive?

Are they supposed to be confident that the big zit on their nose that's been there for a week and a half is a very good looking feature?
Are they supposed to confidently think of themselves as being an HB9 even though they're really a only 5.5? Or are they supposed to confidently think of themselves as a 5.5 and be happy with it? "I'm a 5.5 and proud of it, I'm going to be the best 5.5 I can be"?
If they're "comfortable in their own skin" are they supposed to be totally happy with themselves even though they're 50 pounds overweight and have vitiligo?

I just don't get it.

I'm in the Mood

Master Don Juan
May 3, 2008
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Cloud 9
Personally, I like a woman with confidence because she's much easier to communicate with. You have shy girls who don't speak much, you have insecure girls who talk too much, and you have confident girls who talk when they have something meaningful to say.

I hate ****y women though, they're like the definition of a bvtch. The bvtch is basically the equivalent of a jerk to us guys, but somehow only males can pull this off attractively. Anyone know why?

Anyway, in relation to evolutionary biology, the confident/outgoing are more likely to succeed in life, therefore creating a successful family.

Confident women. Sounds pretty damn sweet to me.


Master Don Juan
Dec 8, 2002
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I like a confident girl that is genuinely confident - not this Beyonce "I'M SASHA FIERCE" crap.

A girl that is truly confident is hard to find but you can tell right away. There's a different between real and faked confidence.

A confident girl conveys that she's got all her issues in line and she's comfortable with herself and who she is - THAT'S the real turn on.