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Co-Worker - Should I do Something?


Don Juan
Sep 7, 2007
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I'm not in college anymore. So I work now. This is the same girl I wrote way back last May. But I'll focus on the important part and why I'm writing again now.

When I first arrived, we got along quite well with good rapport and everything. Then after working together to celebrate a co-worker's birthday, she turn completely cold.

My last post was focused that this is now the first time I experience this and I want to pinpoint what causes this. Up to this point, it didn't matter that much because if she want to be cold, then fine, be that way, I got nothing on how to react beyond that.

But she's still on my team and the company sent us for training with her as a partner. Now I can see the extensiveness as she decided to go as far as start writing her own code into her book (I'm doing something in the software industry). When I tried we say we can work and actually program together on the computer like everyone else, she gave no response except the one minute gesture. I tried to call her name, she gave the same gesture. When I finally just tapped her to try to get her to say something, all she responded was "please don't touch me". At the end of class, I followed out to the hallway to try and confront her but she refused to stop walking and barely vocalize a response that I'm not 100% sure I heard correctly.

Whatever her problem is, I'm worried she can and may actually do something to jeopardize me at some point. So far, I been categorizing as a version of indifference as in no motivation to help, but also no motivation to hurt. And so far I haven't heard she said or do anything in regards to harm. Yet, I think today shows she's a danger and I wonder if I should go to my boss in case she ever do something, then I might have something to guard me. However, this could mean I'm actually taking the first shot in the act to shield myself.

Anyone got any thoughts?*

*Just to note. I have speculated that if she might have a condition like Asperger's (In the CS major and now the CS industry - it would not be the first time I encountered Aspergers or just all kinds of quirkness - and I'm talking about the girls). I did note she did her own thing during lunch and is reputed to be a quiet person. But she socialize just fine before she turned cold to me. And has rapport and chatter with a second team she works in and some others too.


Master Don Juan
Jul 31, 2012
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you shouldn't have touched her. dont confront her on anything. dont talk to her. just stay away from her. if it affects work go to your manager.


New Member
Jan 30, 2013
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Don Juan
Dec 21, 2012
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In a house
Pretty obvious she don't want sh1T to do with ya bro: drop it...or risk losing your shiny new job in the software industry.....

White Boy

Don Juan
Jan 12, 2013
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alphamailman said:
Career First. Hoes on the street come later.
I'm still pretty young so take my comment with a grain of salt. But I always thought it was common knowledge not to date people you work with?

Maybe hang out with her and date her friends?