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Chronic extreme procrastination issues


Master Don Juan
Apr 9, 2021
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OP i don't know if anyone has mentioned Existentialism yet but it might be worth looking into. This could be your soul telling you there's something missing in your life.


Don Juan
Mar 16, 2023
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Warsaw, Poland
So, first 1-2 weeks of actively focusing on building up life willpower are behind me. Let's sum up how's the plan going:
  • Started going to bed much earlier than before (from 2-2:30am managed to move myself to midnight and for now will continue moving to 11pm).
  • Everyday I take at least 30min walk. Doesn't matter what hour (did go out at midnight or 1am few times because of temperatures), goal is to keep at it everyday or at least every 2 days.
  • Cleaning house at least once per week is going well although I keep doing "ill do the dishes later" bs. Imma try to clean them more often and slowly get to doing that immidietly after using them.
  • Sports: didn't do anything this week. I'll be going for a trip abroad with my friends and I ended up being the guy from planning out everything since they can't do anything themselves apparently.
  • Spent 5h each day of this week just researching some stuff for that trip. Certainly it stands out that I did the work, procrastination did not appear. Perhaps because of time constraint to figure it out? Not sure if putting artificial time constrains on myself will work but might be worth trying to do that in different areas of my life
  • The therapist I saw that one time did recommend me to read on "ifs model" and maybe use that for a self-therapy, still havent done that despite that session being like 3 weeks ago at this point. Should get my ass to it finally.
  • Decided to do ~36h fast (counting from the last meal, started yesterday at 6pm). I've done some fasting before (one 5 days long fast) and I remember that as a mediumto hard level test of willpower (yes im hungry but **** that ill drink more water, focus on other stuff you dumb ****) as well as helpful in controlling hunger for some time after it's finished.
So, about the fasting part. Currently seriously considering fasting once per week for 24-36h on weekend if I'm not going out or going for a Muay Thai class or some other sports. Important to note, as I mentioned previously I have some (but not a lot) muscle and about 6-7 kg of fat I need to get rid of. Considering how my main focus now is stamina and not building up posture this is really holding me back.
I prob wouldn't recommend fasting when you're bulking as, while insulin pros still can help, you'd have to compensate for those calories on other day. For me I don't necessairly plan on changing my diet rn, just introducing this for one day where I don't consume anything other than water. I have done intermidiate fasting before but haven't really noticed much difference and I usually eat 2 big meals per day so they were very often within those magic 8 hours anyway.
And, despite the fact fasts should be done with water and maybe some salts to compensate for potassium and stuff, I find it super hard to lay off Coke zero. It shouldn't kill the fast but that's not the point. Either way trying to limit it to 1:1 with water. Hey, baby steps and all