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Christian Grey is right – why you should go 50 shades – but how?


Master Don Juan
Jun 21, 2017
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I watched the first film of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' with my girl. I love these chick movies. I especially love to watch the antagonist Christian. See what he does, what turns the main character Ana on.

So while she identifies with Ana, I identify with Christian and we enjoy watching the movie. But I ask myself: what does Christian do? And: can I apply this to my love life?

I watched. I learned. That evening sex was really rough, Christian style. Best **** (she said) in a long time). I've got to learn more. Maybe you too?

The film is actually very badly written. The book is even worse. It's just a collection of meetings between Anastasia (the young 21 year English Literature student) and Christian, the 27 year old billionaire.

But it's not about the story. It's in these meeting where in Christian completely dominates Ana. He is harsh, he is a stalker, he says what she needs to do and what she can't do. She hates it, but she can't do but fall in love with him instinctively.

Add to the mix that women around Ana warn her for him, and that there is an ex-girlfriend who totally collapsed under his pressure.

It's the classic Beauty and the Beast narrative: he is dangerous and could easily kill her, but he is enchanted by this and wants him.

Christian Grey is actually, originally a vampire. The writer Erika Leonard was a fan of Twilight and started to write her own vampire stories. Knowing that not all women love the vampire genre, she filed out the serial numbers and made him and his family 'normal human beings'.

You can still find the traces of his origin though: he is 27 and a billionair, because he is immortal and runs his company for a much longer time, but stays 27. His family is a family of vampires, and hence very imposing for Ana. That's also why his mother makes a big deal out of welcoming Ana into the family. Knowing this fact, you'll probably find more of these hints.

And then, when he likes, he invites her over, ties her up and uses her for his pleasure. And she endures it and loves it.

I heard about this dominating and how women hate it, but can't say 'no' to it, because it is so attractive. But playing with it, I feel the power of being such a dominating guy.

What I want to know from you guys:
- Did you ever watch 50 shades and apply what you learned in your sex life? What worked great?
- Do you strongly dominate girls? What's your experience?

And maybe also:
- Where can you learn more about this? To become a real dominating man.

If you have the space. Extra room make it a sex_x room. Use your imagination. If your wife don't like it your future dates will.