Change Your Perspective

Nine Breaker

Senior Don Juan
Oct 25, 2001
Life is simply a matter of perspective. There are 6 billion individuals on Earth, and each one has their own unique view on life - their own perspective. A certain event can have a totally different meaning, depending on how you perceive it. For example: cutting down forests for wood. This is going to be bad news if you're an environmentalist, but it'll be a great thing if you're the owner of the logging company cutting the trees.

How does this help us?

The great thing about our perspectives is that we are able to CHANGE them if we desire to. We can change our beliefs on a certain subject if we wish, and will see things in a totally different way. We can use this to overcome any fears and anxieties we face when we want to meet that certain someone.


If we are afraid of making an initial approach, and the whole concept of introducing yourself to a woman seems like a tedious chore - we can convince ourself that it is FUN. We ENJOY the rush we get by putting ourselves out there. We WANT to do it again and again. Say it to yourself OVER AND OVER until it sinks in. This idea can be applied to any situation where confidence is something we don't have enough of.

If a lie is repeated long enough, it begins to be accepted. Once the lie is accepted, it is as good as truth in our minds. Try it. Convince yourself you like doing the things you normally feared. It will work if you BELIEVE you can do it.

Good Luck.

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