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Don Juan
Jun 23, 2002
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Jefferson City, MO
This weekend, me and a friend of mine went out with this girl that I have been seeing for a couple of weeks and 3 of her girlfriends. None of the girls were below what I would consider around a 6, but the girl I was there with was probably around a 9.25.
So, the evening progresses, and everyone is having a good time. I'm drinking water, because it was my turn to be the DD. I get up, and go inside (we were at a club on a lake, and sitting outside)to go to the bathroom, and my friend follows me inside to get a pack of cigarettes. He gets his cigarettes, and waits for me to get done in the bathroom.
So, we're walking out, and I see a large group of (much older) men talking to the ladies we're with. Not a big deal, but as I get closer, I see that one of them is looking at me with a lot of discomfort, and then looking at the girl I was with.
So I get to the table, and stand directly behind this girl, leaning on the back of her chair. She looks up at me, and pulls my head down and gives me a kiss. This is where the fun starts.
This guy (probably late 40's-early 50's, and pretty drunk) asks "is this your boy?"
me: "boy? I think you've made a mistake grandpa."
him: "I don't think I made a mistake. I think you made the mistake of stepping in where you aren't wanted"
me: "well, since I'm the way these people are getting home, and about half of them are staying with me tonight, I really hope you're wrong"
him (getting severely aggrivated): "F**k you, you little prick "
I just laughed. This pissed him off a LOT.
He takes a step to me, and pushes me, dropping his beer. I step back, and tell him that he dropped his beer. THis eggs him on even more, and his friends start to crowd around us (as well as a LOT of other people)telling him to hit me.
He pushes me again, and I start with the comments again.
me: "you need to stop doing that. You're going to break a hip or something"
him: "you need to step off and stop trying to c0*kblock me"
me: "Do you actually think someone like you would have a chance with someone like her? I seriously doubt she would. Even if you stood a chance with her, you're probably too old to get it up anyways."
Him: "I'm gonna kick your a$$", something something. Basically just talking trash.
He steps towards me again, expecting to push me, but I was expecting it, and stepped back a little, making him almost fall over.
me: "Jesus, you can't even walk. You want me to get your walker, old man?"
him: "How about you say that to my face?"
Going against my better judgement (especially since there were 5-6 of his friends behind him, still egging him on a little) I stepped up towards him (I had been keeping my distance to about 5-6 feet, as much as possible, trying to avoid confrontation) and then shake my head, saying "I'd knock your dentures through your toupee old man", and I step back. The girl I was with comes in, and grabs my arm, and says "Blackie (my real nickname) don't hurt him. It's not worth it."
Well, hearing my nickname, this guy thinks he's going to knock me. He says "Blackie? What are you? Some kinda wannabe? What kinda name is Blackie?"
To which the girl responds "well,if you saw his d|*k, you'd think he was a Blackie, too."
The small crowd that had gathered busted up laughing, and the guy just turned and walked away. I went back to my table, and sat down. I apologized to the group that I was with, and we hung out for like 5 minutes, when a security person came up and asked to speak to me.
THinking I was getting kicked out of the club, I picked up all my stuff, and walked with him (kinda aggrivated). We get to the bar, and he tells the guy behind the bar that our table gets free drinks for the rest of the night, because I had managed to keep a fight from happening, and then he gives me a couple of "get in free" cards good for the rest of the summer.
He came back, and sat with us for an hour or so, and more than once, someone stopped and told me that I did a really good job of a.) keeping a fight from breaking out, and b.) making the guy look like a fool.
It felt great to be in control of the situation, especially since so many people recognized that I was in control of it.



Master Don Juan
Mar 24, 2001
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Wow. This is not a real seduction story but it shows how a real DJ should conduct himself when in a tense situation. This is a real success story.

Moved to 'Success stories forum'


Senior Don Juan
Jul 12, 2002
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Virginia Beach, Virgnia
that is pretty bad-assed.

The Sentinel

Don Juan
Aug 10, 2001
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A well-handled situation.

I bet you were absolutely s***ing your pants at the time, though!


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