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Canceled second date...thoughts?

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Sep 18, 2009
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Blytheville, Arkansas
dasein said:
Because 1. It's true more often than not, and 2. Men don't adequately account for the fact that in the whaleworld we live in, attractive women get lots more attention than we as non rockstar men realize or our egos want to accept.

When meeting a new woman, visualize at least 5 "invisible men" standing over her shoulder, an ex or more, 1-2 FWBs she hooks up with, some clingers or guys just like you. Could be 20 or even more men if she's hot with an active social life.

Sure, 100% of flakes can't be explained by competitive attention, but 80-90% sure can, and those are good betting odds in a fog of war scenario that I will take every time.
A girl always has reason to lose interest. So does a man. Think about it, if a woman gets approached by a man better than you (average man asks her out, then a NBA rookie asks her out), who do you think she'll flake on? The average man will think she's sick.

The reason why flakes get the rep they do is because of alpha fux beta bux. That's part of why I disagree with Harry and Pimp. Seriously Pimp, many men here have had so many bad experiences with women and since the red pill went around, what do you expect us to believe? Every man who is on this site has had lots of bat experience and trouble with women, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

As the judge would say, your princess is in another castle, and she usually is. This particular one is. And why would you want to waste your time on a flake anyway? She's already showing disinterest and disrespect to you. Why forgive a flake? Damn near any excuse is bullshyt. Women who flake on men KNOW FOR A FACT THEY ARE F**KING FLAKING ON YOU!!!

If a woman wanted to really see you, she'd make time. She'd move the planets to make the date happen. Look at the celebrity maxims we have here. They're very valid. Do you think a woman would forget a date with Brad Pitt or Channing Tatum? Hell no! Any average guy would be on the backburner.

OP, that's where you are. She's not interested and you care too damn much. Move on and drop her, she already did that to you weeks ago. Those are the facts.

Get equipped. :)

With this! http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?p=2032213
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Jan 30, 2013
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I agree with most everybody that she flaked on purpose. Are you dating other girls?


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Feb 5, 2014
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I'm in agreement too. Probably flaked and either don't contact her at all (wait on her) or give it several days.