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can you get a girl to leave he bf?

Guoy Darko

Senior Don Juan
Jun 20, 2006
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You should stay away from girls with a bf. Maybe one day he comes around and sticks a fork in your throat. :)

I'm in the Mood

Master Don Juan
May 3, 2008
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Cloud 9
No. And you actually can't "get" a girl to do anything.
She does what she chooses to do.


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Senior Don Juan
Oct 19, 2008
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DonGorgon is directly on point.

I actually had to learn this lesson the hard way. For some girls, it is entirely possible to get them to cheat on/leave their boyfriends for you. All you have to do is make yourself look like the better choice.

Things to keep in mind:

1.) Don't date them. Or get attached to them. You will be setting yourself up for failure. If she cheated on her boyfriend to be with you, what makes you think she won't cheat on you with somebody else? Are you really just that much of a smooth operator? Remember what Ludacris said; "You can't turn a ho in to a house wife."

2.) It is a ****ty thing to do. If you wind up getting punched in your mouth, you had that **** coming. Especially if you operate through deceit and the power of shiest. If I found out that somebody was lying about me to my lady friend in order to get in her pants, or that the same somebody actually got away with it and banged her, I would tell the woman to kick rocks, and shove my foot up that douche-bags ass.

P.S. Dudes get serious over their *****. I've beaten ass before over tang, and I've seen people do some seriously evil **** over the vagina. Just remember that the vag is a beautiful thing, but with it comes the necessity of self-control and maturity. Tang has corrupted better men than you and I.


Master Don Juan
Jun 23, 2008
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Only if she's already thinking about leaving him, or if her bf is an afc and she meets an alpha that makes her realize that she doesnt have to put up with whinny bf's antics.


Don Juan
Mar 19, 2009
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Actually IMO Girls would rather be with a crappy BF than being alone, and some girls actually want to be stolen from her bf.

Possible Problems:
She might actually like her bf better and you're screwed, let that go.
She might cheat on you after that.
She might actually do something with you and then you get emotionally attached and she stays with her bf.
Unless she's coming onto you hardcore, i wouldn't think its worth the time and investment.

Right now I have this friend at college and we do a of things together, I like her, she's smart sexy and funny but she's had a bf for 4 years. I'm really not doing anything, i flirt with her and i'm ****y/funny with her ALL the time and i know she loves it but I'm not gonna try anything because i've been burned before :p.