Can girls read our thoughts?


Master Don Juan
Nov 2, 2014
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The land of improvement
Somehow yes . But you can use this into your advantage. Women notice everything you do and later they are able to have an image of who you are .

I remember these 2 chicks . To the one i was a complete a$$ and the other a complete sweet guy . Off course you need an idea of an a$$hole and a sweet guy in your mind so i tried to mimic some actors.

I didn’t mention that neither of those examples was my real self .
Both of them took the bait and believed that i was that guy i was pretending to be . I remember asking them to tell me what they believed of my character and it was like they were reading an essay of the actors i was trying to minic .

I wanted to laugh so badly i was barely containing myself.

Women do notice the smallest details about you that you wouldn’t imagine, and they can use that against you but if you are smart enough you can use that for your own benefit.