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Book: Wild at Heart Notes


Senior Don Juan
Mar 19, 2003
Reaction score
Phoenix, AZ
Here are some notes that I made while reading the book Wild at Heart. It is a good book and every guy on here should read it. Disclaimer: I am not the most religious guy so in areas of the book that gets heavy into that I did not really take notes on those parts. And as always: Your mileage may vary.


Senior Don Juan
Mar 19, 2003
Reaction score
Phoenix, AZ
Wild at Heart:

Deep in a man’s heart there are some fundamental questions:
1. Who am I?
2. What am I made of?
3. What am I destined for?

If a man is ever going to find out who he is and what he’s here for, he has to take the journey for himself- he has to get his heart back.

There are three desires in a man’s heart:
1. A battle to fight.
2. An adventure to live.
3. A beauty to rescue.

A woman’s desires are:
1. Yearns to be fought for.
2. An adventure to share- caught up in something greater than herself.
3. To have a beauty to unveil- deep desire to simplify and truly be the beauty and be delighted in.

A man is fierce, passionate, and wild at heart. All men die, few men ever really live.

There comes a time when we simply have to face down the challenges in our lives and stop backing down.

Until a man knows he’s a man, he will forever be trying to prove he is one, while at the same time shrink from anything that might reveal he is not.

To enter into a journey of initiation ask yourself:
1. What are you trying to teach me?
2. What issues in my heart are you trying to raise through this?
3. What is it you want me to see?
4. What are you asking me to let go of?

The true test of a man, the beginning of his redemption, actually starts when he can no longer rely on what he’s used all his life. The real journey begins when the false self fails.

A man needs to know his mission, a life purpose, and he needs to know his name. Only then is he fit for a woman, for only then does he have something to invite her in to. A man does not go to a woman to get his strength; he goes to her to offer it.

Every man is a warrior inside. But the choice to fight is his own.

A warrior has a vision.

Go into those situations that you would normally run from.
If you want to grow in true masculine strength, then you must stop sabotaging yours. Start choosing to live out your strength and you’ll discover that it grows each time.

Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.

We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.

All men die, few men ever really live. The most dangerous man on earth is the man who has reckoned with his own death. I’d rather go down swinging.

Every woman asks, am I lovely? Every woman needs to know that she is exquisite, exotic, and chosen. This is the core to her identity. She asks- will you pursue me? Do you delight in me? Will you fight for me?

A hesitant man is the last thing in the world a woman needs. She needs a lover and a warrior- not a really nice guy. The #1 problem between men and their women is that we men, when asked to truly fight for her… hesitate.

The masculine journey takes a man away from a woman so that he might return to her. He goes to find his strength; he returns to offer it.

Most men marry for safety; they choose a woman who will make them feel like a man, but never really challenge them to be one.

You love her because that’s what you are made to do; that’s what a real man does.

Will you fight for her? Stop being a nice guy and act like a warrior.

A warrior is in this for good.

The question is simply this: What kind of man do you want to be?

Life is not a problem to be solved; it is an adventure to be lived.

The world only works when we embrace risk.

A man just won’t be happy until he’s got adventure in his work, in his love, and in his spiritual life.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Write your own script to live by.

Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the road less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
Too many men forsake their dreams because they aren’t willing to risk, or fear they aren’t up to the challenge, or are never told that those desires deep in their heart are good. But the soul of a man, isn’t made for controlling things; it’s made for adventure.

Your life is a blank page waiting to be written, a clean canvas waiting to be painted.

If you had permission to do what you really want to do, what would you do? What is written in your heart? What makes you come alive? If you could do what you always wanted to do, what would it be?

A man’s calling is written on his true heart, and he discovers it when he enters the frontier of his deep desires.

A man’s life becomes an adventure when he releases control in exchange for the recovery of the dreams in his heart.

To recover his heart’s desire a man needs to get away from the noise and distraction of his daily life for time with his own soul. Alone with himself he allows whatever is there to come to the surface.

Ask yourself: What is the desire beneath the desire?

Mystery is essential to adventure. Every battle you face is fraught with mystery. But, it is a joyful rich part of reality and essential to our soul’s thirst for adventure.

When it comes to living and loving, what’s required is a willingness to jump in with both feet and be creative as you go.

A man is never more a man than when he embraces adventure beyond his control, or when he walks into a battle he isn’t sure of winning.

There’s a time in a man’s life when he’s got to break away from the false sense of self that demands a guarantee of success. He must head off into the unknown. This is a vital part of our journey and if we balk here, the journey ends.

You are man, you don’t need anyone to hold your hand through this. You have what it takes. You can only give it everything you’ve got.


Don Juan
Jul 8, 2005
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I'm getting his book.Pure genius.


Senior Don Juan
Mar 22, 2004
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im getting it tomorrow, very good ratings


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