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****block question...


Don Juan
Aug 4, 2004
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Aight fellas, theres this kid in my "group" who is messing up my game, and I try not to let it bother me but ****, this kid is annoying. Was at a party a few days ago and I was talking to many girls... 2 in particular, and this AFC ***** comes around and starts flirting... he gets their SN's and starts IMing immediately(he still does AOL, not phone). one girl I was talking to was like "wow he's such a big flirt, its soo annoying", dude literally goes around and talks and kino's everygirl... he gets by on his good looks but he is annoying to a lot of them. anyway one girl then explained to his face that "your pathetic". Anyway, so I go to his house today, walk in and see him IMing one of the girls I was talking to(I could care less) but then he says "hey, your girlfriend from the party doesn't like you anymore" I say "yea, whose my G/f" he says "XXX, she likes me now". I KNOW this Mother****er was saying **** to her about me... whatever. My question is, do I confront this ***** or just lay low and let him try and mess up my game. He's done this on 3 girls now, and at first I said good for him, but damn, ****blockers get annoying.

Peace homies, sorry about the grammar and the rambling, its late and stuff a nd im typing in the dark.

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Master Don Juan
May 25, 2003
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Fort Worth, Texas
The mature thing to do would be to confront him openly about it. If he is saying things behind your back you need to confront him infact.

If he can't say it to your face then he doesn't have the balls to back up what he is trying to accomplish anyways and in that case I wouldn't wory about it or him.