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Best feature film in the history of cimema?


Master Don Juan
May 31, 2020
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I feel the same way. I'm part Italian and I HATE the Italian-American organizations that bytch and moan about Goodfellas, the Godfather, etc. Those are great works of art and everyone knows most Italians aren't "connected." Plus, nobody forces anyone to watch them.

One difference is that at least those two movies were made by Italian-Americans from NY, so they understood the background. Whereas up until recently there weren't a lot of black directors telling black stories. But a great movie should stand on its own merit, even if the message is uncomfortable. (By that metric I think Do The Right Thing is really good, for example.)
I liked Do The Right Thing.

I actually thought Jersey Shore was wildly entertaining. I'm definitely a Gym Tan Laundry guy. Even in 2009-2010 when Jersey Shore was in its first season, I had been into those sorts of things but I never thought to put the words of Gym Tan Laundry together to summarize a lifestyle. Women definitely are into GTL guys. A guy will look good implementing GTL. I don't do anabolic steroids though, as a lot of juicehead guidos do. I also do not find the term guido offensive, but it is an unfairly treated slur. It's considerable acceptable to use the guido slur against Italian-Americans as they are white people, but using slurs against any other race/ethnicity is not considered socially acceptable.

I'm Italian American too (half Italian). While Goodfellas is great, I like Casino even better. Casino also has a great soundtrack.

A few years ago, PBS did a multi part documentary called the Italian-Americans. It was excellent.
Goodfellas is definitely great. I have not seen Casino in its entirety. Maybe 5-10 minutes on TV once. Speaking of films about criminal life, neither version of Scarface has been mentioned in this discussion. I never saw the 1932 Scarface based on Al Capone, but I did see the 1983 Scarface centered around cocaine trafficking.

I would be interested in the PBS documentary.

No one has mentioned The Wizard of Oz which is completely different from than content about Italian-Americans. It's much different to make a film involving mainstream white people in Kansas than Italian-Americans in New York/New Jersey. Italians are white, but an ethnic white.


Master Don Juan
Aug 6, 2009
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While Goodfellas is great, I like Casino even better.
Casino is good, but IMO Goodfellas is the better movie.
If you like Goodfellas, you should like Casino though, and vice versa.


May 23, 2013
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For sheer entertainment value and storytelling genius, whether the content is agreed with or not, I prefer the Hollywood golden era epics and their production value of those days:
Ben-Hur 1959
King of Kings
How the west was won
Ten Commandments
It’s a wonderful life

+ Any Clint Eastwood Italian western for Value of high T on display.

But the days of Cecil B. DeMille and his kind are long gone, to be replaced with next generation great storytellers like George Lucas and CGI.…

The mark of a great movie? How you feel after watching…
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